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My Food Diaries- I need to write it on the internet to stick to it...

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by JennyPiccolo, 9 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. JennyPiccolo

    JennyPiccolo Full Member

    Right, I very much need to go on a diet after discovering at the doctors i've put 9 kilos onto my already, ahem, voluptuous frame. I want to do slimming world as it's really easy to follow and seems a bit more sensible than some of the other ones. Am going to try it on my own for a few weeks and if i need some discipline, i'll join the classes. I'm open to any advice you have, so let me know!

    Here goes:

    DAY 1

    - Breakfast- Slice Wholemeal Bread (HEB) with lean bacon, 2 small rashers(HEB)

    -tea with splash of skimmed milk (HEA)

    -Lunch i had half a baked tattie with beans (half because it was pretty disgusting, i don't know how you can mis-cook a baked potato but the place i went to managed it.)

    -Dinner, I made a stir-fry with a big box of mixed veg i got out of morrisons (mushrooms, beansprouts, peppers, pak choi etc)
    with noodles, just cooked it in water. I really quite enjoyed it and there's loads left over, which ill prob have tomorrow or thursday.
    I had a splash of soy sauce with this-is this free?

    Snacks- 2 slices of melon (very good) but then- DISASTER STRUCK! I misguidedly ate a mullerice (vanilla custard flavour) thinking it was free, when it is, in fact, 11.5 syns. The humanity!

    Also had 2 cans of diet coke throughout the day, which im thinking i should cut down on. I know it's free but it's not really that good for you. i'll take this a step at a time though.
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  3. JennyPiccolo

    JennyPiccolo Full Member

    am just going to make some sort of pasta with veg for lunch tomorrow. Excitings!
  4. JennyPiccolo

    JennyPiccolo Full Member

    it was pretty nice, i fair enjoyed it.
  5. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

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    Slimming World
    Please dont think Im being picky, but I want to help you as much as I can!
    Also, dont forget that fruit is free, just try and limit the amount of bananas and grapes as this could slow things down a bit for you.

    Good luck!!!
  6. JennyPiccolo

    JennyPiccolo Full Member

    Thanks. Why do grapes slow things down? I understand bananas.

    YESTERDAY- Green

    Breakfast-homemade carrot soup- i dunno why i wanted it for breakfast but it's made will all free stuff so wont do me any harm. Plus a slice of wholemeal bread again (HEB)

    Lunch-pasta with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers courgettes and a quorn sausage chopped through it.

    Dinner-Beef Chilli (HEB)with sweet potatoes and fat free yoghurt.

    snacks- Had a packet of snack a jacks (4 syns, i think) and 3 cups of tea with skimmed milk as my HEA. Also more diet coke. And a bottle of fizzy water.
  7. JennyPiccolo

    JennyPiccolo Full Member

    TODAY-Green Day again

    Breakfast- cup of tea with skimmed milk and slice of wholemeal toast. Was really too sleepy to do anything other than dunk dry toast in my tea. I'm a glamourpuss really.

    Lunch- same pasta as yesterday.

    Dinner- stir fry same as the other night, but had some quorn pieces in it, and some extra peppers and mushrooms.

    Snacks- 2 ryvita, a banana, some cut up pineapple and a muller light.

    I thought today was going to be well difficult as I've got my period and usually would be munching chocolate and comfort food. I ate quite a lot today, but nothing very bad.

    2 more cups of tea- one with a spoonful of sugar.
    2 cans of diet coke (AGAIN). Will drink some water before bed. Need to go and look up the syns for ryvita and a sugar.
  8. JennyPiccolo

    JennyPiccolo Full Member

    ooft, just realised ive only had one HEB today, yus.
  9. JennyPiccolo

    JennyPiccolo Full Member

    THURSDAY- Green Day as well

    Breakfast- porridge with a banana

    Lunch-pasta as before

    Dinner- a marks and spencers small sushi (i guess around 4 syns, there was only one with fish in it which ill take as a healthy extra)

    2 cups tea with skimmed milk
    2 diet cokes
    1 mullerlight
    2 oranges
  10. JennyPiccolo

    JennyPiccolo Full Member


    breakfast-porridge with cinammon

    lunch- chicken salad with eggs

    dinner- chicken with mushrooms, onions and garlic and fat free yoghurt with rice

    3 teas with skimmed milk, a coffee with sugar

    diet coke x 1

    approx. 16 million whisky and sodas-oops. this was the weekend to end all diets from then on. Saturday i had a lentil curry with rice (not too bad) and peshwari nan (very bad) and a handful of olives in the evening. Today it was my dads birthday and we went out for lunch, after my breakfast of toast and boiled eggs, i had chicken broth and spicy tomato pasta with italian sausages, then a piece of birthday cake. i had some supernoodles tonight.

    I know i went off the rails this weekend, but im just going to carry on counting this week. It'll slow down my weight loss but im in this for the long haul, and i'm going to have as many syn-free days this week to make up the balance, and also make an effort to start my exercise regime.

    I cant believe how guilty i feel writing this up! Waaah.
  11. JennyPiccolo

    JennyPiccolo Full Member

    Had a good day today, green day again

    breakfast-glass of water and a banana

    lunch- salad with boiled egg and new potatoes, yum.

    after-work snack( yes im inventing new meals) slice of wholemeal toast with small tin of beans and a 20g of low-fat cheese (HEa and B)

    late dinner- slimming world chips with poached eggs, yummy.

    had two espressos at work with sweetener, they were okay. im making the change from sugar gradually.

    can of diet pepsi, 2 plums and an orange.

    actually eaten loads today but not synned once.
  12. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    Hi, hope you don't mind me commenting on your diary.....You look to have only had one B choice today. Try to have some syns, you should have at least 5 a day, also you can have 42g of half fat cheese as a healthy extra. Don't deny yourself! :)
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