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My Food & Weekly Weigh In Diary!

Hi Everyone,

Im quite new to this forum! I started 7 weeks ago at the weight of 246 ib following the Weight Watcher diet. This didnt really work for me so i have since started calorie counting, eating around 600 calories a day and have got down to 216 ib.

Just thought id start a post with my daily food diary and weekly weigh in. Thursday is my weigh in day, and the past week i have lost a total of 4 ib.

Today, I have eaten and plan to eat:

  • Special K w/ red berries and skimmed milk
  • Cup of green tea with cranberry
  • Ham salad - Lettuce, Celery, Spring onion and cucumber, with a slice of ham and a low fat cheese triangle
  • 2 satsumas
  • Stir Fried vegetables with king prawns - Brocolli, Chinese leaf, baby corn, garlic, king prawns and soy sauce
  • 2 slices of melon
Feel free to come in and say hello! :)

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Just had my stir fry it was yummy! I'd highly recommend!

sounds good, i am trying to decide what to have for my tea, but out of list of ingredients i have garlic, brocoli and soy sauce-dont think thats going to be quite the same !!
Lol would be close though!

What do you think you may be having? any yummy recipes i could try out? :)

well was going to have tesco lite choices mousaka with some microwave chips and salad, but dont have enough cals left!! so its either the mousaka and i make some butter nut squash chips ( a ww favourite) with salad.OR i have the microwave chips with salad and a quorn peppered steak.
On the upside there was a time when i would've said sod it and ate it all anyway!!
So are you combing weight watchers with calorie counting? May i ask how many calories you are trying to have each day?

Also, the quorn peppered steak, chips and salad sound delish!

No not combining, been doing ww for a while but been a bit stuck in a rut so come over to cc to see if that kickstarts things. still use ww recipes tho , why not?!!

Have started on 1500 a day see how i go cos i can adjust up or down, tho i think more would slow things up too much??

Yep i'm thinking that option also easier to make than peeling and chopping a BNS -i love 'em but they are so hard to chop-LOL
Neadi, congratulations on your weightloss so far. I have just started a low cc diet today (1200) and was just wondering how easy is it to get by with 600 cals a day?

I have just had a look at your menu and I can't believe you can eat that much for 600!!!!!! It really is impressive, I thought you would have to live on cup a soups.

I will try and reduce me cals, as I am going on holiday in 8 weeks and have tried all the diets recently i.e. Celebrity Slim, Lipotrim, RC, SW and as usual I fall off the wagon and binge:mad:

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