My forth week and didn't loose anything...


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I wonder why?? First week I lost a stone, 2nd week another stone, 3rd week half a stone and this week NOTHING! I haven't done anything differently, haven't tasted anything forbidden. I find it strange that with this calorie intake (SS), I should surely loose weight in any case.

And I mean I've got stones and stones still to loose...
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mrs tweedy

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Babe, you've lost 2 and a half stones in a month !!!! Your body needs to adjust and it is perfectly normal in week 3 or 4 not to have a loss or a big loss, as long as you are losing the 1st per month you are on track, so try to stop fretting about it. It's probably best to look at your average monthly weight from now on and you'll see that the diet is still working just fine xx


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S: 27st2lb C: 25st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 2st0lb(7.37%)
Hi Saiss,Well done 2 u girl for loosing so much weight in 4 weeks WOW !!!
Have u maybe had Totm that can slow down weight losses.
Most peeps keep records of their measurements as if they have a week where they r not 2 happy with their weight loss they usually have shrunk in inches.
I totally aggree with Mrs Tweedy u have lost so much weight in 3 weeks that your body needs time to re adjust.
Pls dont worry at all u r doing so well, u should be very proud of yourself.
Take care xx


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Your loss so far is incredible!!!!!!

Am gobsmacked!!!!!

As for the fourth week - you're body is just saying - ooh er, give us a break, matie!

Give it time, don't give up, your body will respond when it's finished having a little sulk!

I'm so impressed!!!!!!!!!

CW Consultant

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You have just hit a plateau absolutely normal. The body keeps breaking the fat down that doesn't change but holds it as a fluid for a few days possibly a week.

You will still be in ketosis and losing inches next week whooooosh off you will be running to the loo again and the loss will continue.

I know its disheartening to see a nil weight loss but the scales can be your friend or at times like this your enemy, make friends with your tapemeasure.