My Friend's Wedding


Went to my friend's wedding yesterday, felt really great in the dress i'd managed to slim down into and had so many compliments from people about how good I looked. My friend, the bride, must have told me how amazing I looked every time she stopped to talk to me, bless her, she was the one who looked amazing, such a beautiful bride. Some people didn't recognise me which felt great.

I did eat and have knocked myself out of ketosis but I knew I would and am getting straight back onto ss. The food was lovely but I didn't have much alcohol as I didn't want to mess up too much.
Hi pickles it sounds like you had a lovely time :)

One of the things I learnt on LL which I found most difficult to put into practice was how to graciously accept compliments. Not only does this acknowledge that you respect the other person for making that comment but it also invites more at a later date if you accept them in the right way.

Not only will this snowball effect of compliments make you feel better about about yourself but it will also promote an acceptance that you are doing well and you have made some pretty major changes in your life that are worth celebrating and keeping up :D
Thats brill that you can start again on ss - you planned to eat by the sounds of it.. and planning is always the best idea so you dont feel bad about eating... and you havent lost your motivation!

I bet the compliments felt great :D It is difficult to take them at first like chicken said... but you will get used to it I bet!:)
Yes it was lovely getting the compliments but like you said it was hard at first, i'm not used to it!

We're going on holiday on Saturday to see family in Ireland and i'm going to have a meal a day and will be naughty but i'm ss'ing this week till Saturday and will get straight back onto it when we get back from our hols too. They haven't seen me for nearly a year so should notice the difference too.