My goodness I love the Cranberry bars!!!

Gem Dec 17th 06

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They're soooooooo bloomin delish!!!!!!

I've tried Chocolate Orange too but Cranberry are my fave!!!!

Gemx :D
I love the cranberry too as well as the peanut. Last week I discovered the chocolate bar. mmmmmmmmmm

Decided to get only one bar this week, scared I'll go overboard.
I'm with you on this Jemax, I can only take 1 or 2 of the bars as I know I couldn't trust myself with them sitting there. My fave bar is malt toffee.
The cranberry bar broke my tooth and cost £15 emergency treatment!
It was yummy though but now I leave it off my order.
I have had 3 so far and loved them all!! I admit the first one I tried was the peanut...and it was so YUMMMMMMMYYYYY!!!

Deb x