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My halo slipped....

Managed to chomp my way through about 50 syns last night whilst doing my tax return (there's a definite connection there!). So annoyed at myself but going to draw a line underneath it and start afresh today. Not going to try and redeem syns as out tonight, more realistic to start afresh.

I'm sure WI yesterday had something to do with it, I am on the habit of having some "time off" as a reward on weigh in day...not ideal for a life plan rather than a diet.

Do you treat on WI day, and if so, what?
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Will be thin god dammit!!
I used to always treat on WI night but ive found it starts creeping to the day after too!
I decided not to treat myself after WI, went straight away to do my weekly food shop of virtuous things instead while I was feeling so motivated ....

Then found a bag of choccie buttons while I was putting the shopping away, and convinced myself I had 'earned' them!! Nevermind, managed to keep it within my syns anyway! As you say, it's a life plan rather than a diet, it's realistic to have the odd treat!


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I feel your pain.

I've messed up badly this week :(

It wasn't going particularly well anyway, but last night took the biscuit (literally).
Went to the theatre with the family to see a kids show and shared a big bag of fruit pastilles, had an ice cream, then two fun sizes before going home, feeling 'hungry' :rolleyes: and eating three weetabix, and packet of crisps and a pack of Minstrels! :eek:

How's that for the night before weigh-in?

Mental :mad:

Back on it again today, but I'm SO disappointed with myself for it.
Still, it only slows down the loss, it will NOT stop it.

I reckon a 2-3lb gain tonight...


Will be thin god dammit!!
Good luck Scanbran - i sts but i had totally blown it too, including a cadburys creme egg 10 mins before Wi! :(


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hello i found your slipped halo so i have polished it and given you it back, so your back on track now

im opposite when i get weighed if i have lost im double determind to stick to it cause i feel so good with myself. mind you ive on been doing this for just over 4 month so things may change given time and weight losses slowing down!

starting afresh sounds good. have a nice night out tonight
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Back to it for me too ... been bad for a couple of days :(

Had alcohol in work, then they left us quiche and salad with potato salad. I had that. I had the alcohol too.

Then we finished nightshift the other morning (9am) so after a 9 hour shift, we stayed up and proceeded to move apartment. We were still going until 9:30pm. By 10:30pm we were in bed and crashed out... after the chinese.

All the night before WI. I gained 2lb this week, but had been awesomely good all week, I blame the quiche :rolleyes:

Someone quick, kick me up the bum. :D
I have done SW many times over the years and always seen WI night as treat night - and never counted syns. This time i have treated it the same as any other night and stuck to plan, at the minute it seems to be showing in my losses, but lets wait and see ...bet those flakes tasted good tho xx


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Hahahahaa! Thanks very much Scanbran! <3 :p

(I would thank you properly via the thank for the post thing. Either I don't see it or I don't have the ability to do so yet!
Say - you need to get to 50 posts before you can do the thanks thing!

My night didn't go too well, slimming world wise. Funnily enough I'm not cross at myself for going over the syns, but I am cross at myself for carrying on eating when I wasn't hungry because "i've already blown it so I might as well stuff my face"...

So, 5 days to WI - going to make them 5 fishy days with lots of water and hope that does the trick...


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Good luck for the next 5 days!

Am in the same boat here, tomorrow we finish cleaning and emptying the old apartment. Back on track, there's no more excuses!

And thank you for telling me about the thanking thing :eek:

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