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My head is going backwards!

OK so we all know that after we lose a lot of weight quickly, it takes some time for our heads to catch up with how we look.

BUT, over the last couple of weeks my head has almost gone into reverse, each day I get dressed in the same collection of clothes I've been wearing for the past few months now and think that I look worse than I did back in Feb, despite weighing less than I did back then!

What the heck is going on! I think, maybe, that before when I was looking in the mirror I was seeing a comparison between the old me and the new me, and seeing how much slimmer I was and feeling great for it, whereas now it's been quite a while since I was at my biggest (6 months) and so now when I look in the mirror I just see me as I am compared to how I want to be (a good 14-21lbs lighter still).

Back when I was still 18+ stone, I couldn't imagine what I would look like at 16ish stone, now I am there I can see what I'll look like at 14.7ish and as a result when I now see myself I just can't help thinking I look much bigger than I want to be :(

Our heads are not always nice to us, are they :cry: :copon:
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Its a shame you aren't seeing what we can see pete.

You are looking great, completely healthy and if i hadn't seen the before pics i would never dream you had ever been overweight.

i hope your head catches up with your body soon - it sounds as if its giving you a tough time of it

you really do look great

daisy x


Making it all add up
It's normal Pete

It is a really difficult conundrum to solve.

At the start the weight loss is really fast and easy to see in the mirror. For men the vast majority of the early weight is straight off the belly (was for me at least), and this is the easiest area to see as it's 'always in front of us'.

As the weight continues to fall, the losses are spread out more around the body (last week I lost 3.5cm from my chest, but nothing anywhere else! Other weeks it's been all from my neck), and as a result are much harder to see.

Also as you say, as you get nearer to psychological benchmarks (significant weights, early goals etc), you start to focus more on what's left rather than what's gone. This is normal, as People always focus on the negative - we're brought up to think that way unfortunately and it takes years of conscious effort to have a positive spin on life (the Universe & everything).

So, don't focus on what you will look like in 21lbs time. For a start I can virtually guarantee you won't actually look like you think you will, so you're likely to be a) disappointed and b) try & stay on the diet for longer than you really need to!

If anything Pete, I think you're being far too hard on yourself. You've been on LL for 2 months longer than I have and I can understand you wobbling. BUT, if you really are focussed you can stay in control and lose the last of the weight, but you need to ask yourself if you really have the desire to do this.

I really hope you get your mind set right and can see past the superficial and recognise the reasons why you wanted to lose the weight at the start. I'd be surprised if it was for your 'looks' rather than health reasons.

thanks for the support guys and gals :)

I've spoken to my LLC on the phone tonight as he wasn't around last week, and I have decided to do 7 more weeks - that will take me to my 24th birthday, to the day, and then my 'present' to myself will be to move to RTM, regardless of what I weight at that point.

I think I need to do this, over the past 2.5 months I've had good week:bad week:good week:bad week, and weigh the same now as I did back in late January time, which although in itself isn't bad, it's not the progress I should be making. SO, with a strict timeframe in mind, I know that it really IS now, or never.

Hopefully this will give me the super-huge kick up the ar$e I need to finally get this thing finished!

Jim, how's things going mate?
Nice to see you're still around the forum!


Making it all add up
Good idea Pete, the SMART goal can only help with the focus, next time you have a wobble you can count the very short amount of time left and re-evaluate your actions.

Seriously very best wishes as you were undoubtedly one of my motivators when I started in Jan (sorry Ladies, but i can relate better to the few Guys on here).

JIM - really good to hear from you again, give us an update when you have 5 minutes.
sounds like a good plan pete!
good luck
daisy x
Good idea Pete

Am I remembering correctly that it was all going better for you before wehad the snow and you couldn't get your packs?
It does seem that if there's a reason that people break the flow before they get to goal it's very hard to get back on track.
Didn't (to*st) have something to do with it?
Good luck with your new plan. I hope you have good week, good week from now on.
I know you can do it.:p
Am I remembering correctly that it was all going better for you before wehad the snow and you couldn't get your packs?
It does seem that if there's a reason that people break the flow before they get to goal it's very hard to get back on track.
Didn't (to*st) have something to do with it?
Good luck with your new plan. I hope you have good week, good week from now on.
I know you can do it.:p
Pete, you've done amazing, and I hope this doesn't offend in any way, as I don't mean it too, but it amazes me that you've not gone straight to goal and RTM.

I thought what SB said above too when I read this post. I thought it might be due to you not being able to get your packs. It reminds me of the people in my group who planned to eat at Xmas, they were all so sure they could just eat a bit of Xmas dinner and that would be it. I've watched everyone of them struggle since.

It just goes to show that no matter what, if you are abstinence and reading this, listen to Pete's experience and do everything you possibly can to stick to it 100%, as it seems to be so much harder after food's been eaten.

I wish you every success Pete - hope something clicks with you again and you manage to get to your goals - I like BL's idea of going back and reading your early posts which were massively positive and inspiring.
lol yes that bl00dy to*st is what started this all off!
Jeez if I could go back now and change that weekend, I would have trogged the 5 miles there and back in the snow to get the packs instead! lol

It's going better this week, I'm on my 3rd good day now and feeling more ketosis-y than I have in the past fortnight, the good news is that my *really* bad past 2 weeks only made me gain 1lb, and on relfection I wasn't eating as bad as I felt I was (if you get what I mean).

Anyway, I've put up a calendar on my wall and every day when I get home I can put a big red "X" through the day, and see just how much (little?) time I have left on foundation/developers. Plus I move into my flat next week, no more spending my evenings sitting around my parents house which is full of food, nope, it'll just be me and my empty cupboards! I really think that'll help me! :p

And yes, Poppy is right, anyone who is reading this and has been 100% so far, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON'T LAPSE! No matter how much you think you want that f**d, DON'T DO IT! It's so so SO hard to get back on track, it's taken me almsot 2 months to get over my initial lapse and get back on track! That's a lot of wasted time, effort and money!
It's not wasted Pete

All these experiences are part of learning to understand ourselves more and getting strategies in place for the future so we can cope better if similar things happen.
As one of my friends (nothing to do with LL) ALWAYS has said "it's all character building". So true.
Good luck with your move.
I'm so pleased you are back on track.:)

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