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my hectic life!!!

I seem to be managing to achieve reasonably high losses every week so far even though I do not have a huge amount to lose so thought I would share an insight into my life (please do not try this at home)

you go out and purchase a lunatic ex race horse straight off the track that has more get up and go than a duracell bunny!!

you have to work 4 nights a week in a supermarket chill section 10hrs a night

but due to lunatic ex race horse you have to see to him twice a day so only allow yourself time for 3 hrs sleep a day sometimes you get none if horsie as to be ssomewhere

you have to muck out and ride 7 days a week

and best of all on your days off you get to do all the house work !!!! and do not forget your days off consist of a lie in til 6am as yes horsie needs seeing to every morning!!!

my life is hectic and people wonder as to how I can do it but to behonest I would be bored any other way but I think I work off more than my fair share of calories!!!
I was worried starting LT because I thu I would struggle but you know I feel great I do sometimes feel a bit drained but it does not last long
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lol eyes sounds like you meet yourself coming back x
I don't want to sound like a wet blanket here but I would reccomend that when you get a chance you get yourself some decent kip, or consider taking naps when possible. I can't remember where I read it but the minimum amount of sleep a human needs is 2 hours and this shouldn't be repeated over a long duration unless its absolutely necessary.

The only thing I'm worried about is the lack of sleep you are getting affecting your mental alertness as that usually starts to go after a number of days.
OMG i am suprised you even have a weight problem you should be super fit with your daily weekly routine i would be fit for nothing after a day doing what your doing bravo to you i will call you superchick from now on ha ha....jenni
omg...thought i was busy being self employed & running a business, take my hat off to you!!!...wish i had the energy to do what you do!!!...well done chick for managing to fit it all in!

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