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My intake (or why I gained so much weight so quick)

~~~WARNING!: Contains names of f**d products!!~~~

Bored at work, so I decided to make a list of all the things that I used to reguarly consume while at university and during the past 2 years of work, and check out the actual contents of these things.

It turned into a scary exercise, and so I thought I'd share with you all to showcase just how bad these bad foods are for us.

Bear in mind, when reading this, that on an average day I would consume anywhere from 50% of things on this list to everything here (my worst days); and I had more bad days than not-so-bad ones at that!

Dairy milk 250g x 2
2750 calories, 150g fat, 300g carbohydrate

Muffin x 4
1036 calories, 48g fat, 132g carbohydrate

Haribo sour sweets bag x 1
359 calories, 2g fat, 78g carbohydrate

Wine gums large bag x 1
316 calories, 0g fat, 70g carbohydrate

Bag of Wotsits x 4 (sometimes up to 12 i.e. whole multipack)
404 calories, 24g fat, 40g carbohydrate

(Up to) 3 litres of pepsi max
0 calories, but a lot of crap in it that triggered me to eat other stuff on this list!

8 slices of bread
480 calories, 8g fat, 120g carbohydrate

2 tins of tuna
382 calories, 2.8g fat, 0g carbohydrate

2 large chicken pot noodles
1026 calories, 32g fat, 144 carbohydrate

Total calories; 6347 !!! :eek::eek::eek::eek: :cry::copon:

Total fat; 266.8g !!!!!! :eek::eek: :copon::copon:

Total carbs; 884g !!! :eek: :copon:

Recommended calories; 2500

Recommended fat; 65g
Recommended carbs; 300g

Eating roughtly 2.5x recommened intake figures, it makes sense that I wasn't far off being twice the weight I really should be!

Enough said, really :break_diet:
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Wow! It's amazing that you can eat that stuff without even realising how much it adds up!!
I mean just the dairy milk in itself has more than twice the recommended fat intake for the day, and more than your recommended calorie intake, even for a guy! Amazing. I've also managed to eat a whole bar of chocolate like that before, though never managed 2..
Thanks for posting that, it's amazing.


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I know what you mean Pete. When I added up the stuff I used to eat I couldn't believe it. Now, in RTm, I'm staggered by how much stuff you can eat (quantity wise) IF you pick the right things and the lower calorie alternatives. Right now I'm eating ALL day literally a little something every hour and a half from 7 am to 8pm and I'm still only averaging around 1600 calories a day and losing weight. It's madness. I wish I'd sad down and actually crunched the mumbers on paper years ago..... They never lie.....


...we're sinking deeper.
Guy: You need to be careful with that, it can add back up very quickly if you don't watch it.. My boyfriend while on RTM was struggling to get 1600 calories throughout the day, now I think he overdoes it a little without realising it.
It is so very easy to fall back into old ways... Don't get into the same mindset my OH got into; that you need to eat more, regain weight because you're below your recommended BMI etc... he's still in that mindset 4 months on and he's now pushing it back into dangerous grounds.

Well done Pete for doing that exercise, it shows us all how we may have come to where we were as well, I probably consumed my fair share of crisps, pasta and bread since I'm a savoury lover.

BUT I do believe cutting all those things out isn't the right approach either. I think moderation is the key :) I still enjoy a SMALL Galaxy bar along side a healthy eating regime which is fine. Just need to watch that it never gets above that small bar into 2... 3... 4... BIG bar... can easily happen.



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You've obviously never seen me talking about my spreadsheet! It's a thing of beauty lol :). Nothing goes in or out without being counted. I will never eat to gain. On the weeks I've gone over I've increased the exercise to get the net calorie target back on track purely because if I'm willing to put the calories in I need to be willing to get them out, even if that means a loss on the scales. Little and often and everything in moderation is working for me at the end of the day but I can see that it may not be the best approach for everyone. It's horses for courses at the end of the day.

If completely cutting out the crap means you keep the weight off, you should do it IMO. Whilst I'm not taking that approach I don't think there's any generic way to maintain. Everyone has different triggers at the end of the day. It's just what works best for the individual.
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thats really interesting to see it in black and white Pete.

think i might have a go at doing it too
Sobering exercise Pete

It's really surprising how it all adds up and not much "proper" food or alcohol in there either.
Great post, and.....here's what I was putting away on a typical saturday, I don't know the calorie figures and to be honest I don't want to know, anyway here goes.

2 egg and bacon sandwiches and a mug of tea, 2 sugars.


2 fully loaded sandwiches, 2 sausage rolls, a pack of 4 yum yums (donut fingers) and 4 bags of crisps.


Pasta with a half a block of grated cheese melted on top.

Then I would go out, sink 15 pints and often have a kebab on the way home.

It's shocking when you actually write all the food down, just how much it is. I hope I never go back to the old ways. Ever.
bigboy77 said:
It's shocking when you actually write all the food down, just how much it is.
it certainly is. I'm really glad I did it, and once I am back to eating real f**d I plan to keep a "F**d Diary* every day; it's just another way of making you really think about what you are eating I reckon!

bigboy77 said:
Then I would go out, sink 15 pints...
Interesting, it seems that alcohol is the downfall of so many of us guys, in my group there are 5 guys and 3 of them say that prior to LL they were drinking 2 bottles of wine a NIGHT, every night, more on the weekends!

I've never been one for drink, and have often had periods of 3 months or more without having one at all, it just doesn't fuss me at all. Strange how we all have the same vice (eating/drinking) and yet we can all be so different with our vice at the same time.

Shows that there's far more ways of eating badly than there are of eating well I think! :break_diet:

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