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Onwards, downwards & inwards - I hope - 3/4/5th time lucky!! My food diary so far

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by missfatpants, 30 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. missfatpants

    missfatpants Full Member

    Hi everyone

    ok so here I go AGAIN - never seem to manage more than a week or two before takeaways, alcohol. Bread & cheese and everything else bad for me calls me. I weigh more each time, I eat more each time - I feel awful and worse each time I start it's bloody ridiculous !! NO MORE!!!!!!!
    time to kick this lardy arse!!!

    I stsrted on Monday and weigh in at 15st 8.1/4 - I am doing it alone and am going to do red/green days as I think they will be better for me - can't get my head around ee as it seems u can eat so much more and how can that work? I know it does for some - but I am a pig and I will eat far too much!

    woukd you guys mind just keeping an eye on my diary ? Still not 100 % sure I doing it right - any help - suggestions woukd be great -

    thank you

    ann marie
    Mon day 27th jan
    Food diary. (Red day)

    250ml semi skimmed milk. HEX A

    2 x whole meal small loaf slices. HEX B

    Blue berries super(free)
    Raspberries super(free)
    Rocket (superfree)
    Cucumber super(free )
    Tomatoes. Super(Free)
    2 x tomatoes. (SuperFree)
    1 x banana
    Picked beetroot

    2 x turkey rashers (free)
    200g finest 0% Greek yog. ( free)
    Balsamic vinegar (free)

    Shallot & orange dressing. - 2 syns
    3/4 Tin salmon ?

    No exercise ;)
    Alcohol 0

    Tuesday 28th January (Red day)

    250 ml semi skimmed milk. HEX A

    O% finest Greek yog ( 2 tablespoon) FREE
    2 x turkey rashers. FREE
    1 egg yolk / 2 whites - scrambled eggs. FREE

    blueberries SUPERFREE
    Mushrooms. SUPERFREE
    tomatoes. SUPERFREE

    2 x tea ( milk from allowance)
    500ml water


    2 x whole meal bread HEX B
    2 x Whole meal bread HEX B

    3 x turkey rashers ( 27 cals each). FREE
    2 x thin beef slices. FREE

    Tomatoes. SUPERFREE
    salad. SUPERFREE
    Cucumber. SUPERFREE
    Beetroot. SUPERFREE

    Raspberries. SUPERFREE
    Blueberries. SUPERFREE

    0% Greek yog. FREE
    Fat free dressing. FREE


    5 x rice cakes - syns - 7.5
    Philadelphia lightest. HEX A

    Banana. SUPERFREE

    Slice pepperoni pizza. - 6 syns ?
    Total syns. 13.5


    15 mins rower. 100 cals burnt
    20 mins tread. 100 cals burnt

    Total. 200 cals

    alcohol 0


    2 x weetabix HEX B
    Semi skimmed milk HEX A ( rest for cups of tea)
    1 glass water
    1 banana SUPERFREE
    1 x tea


    wholemeal pasta (free)
    Tomatoes, cucumber , spring onions, carrots, SUPERFREE
    BALSAMIC SYRUP - 2 syns
    1 egg FREE
    1 glass water
    1 x tea


    2 eggs Free
    Sweetcorn. Free

    1 bar tesco slim breakfast bar 1/2 HEX b
    O% finest Greek yog. Free
    Strawbs & blueberries. SUPERFREE

    20 mins rower. - 150 cals burnt
    20 mins treadmill - 150 cals burnt

    Total 300 cals burnt

    Alcohol 0


    Red day

    HEX A S.SKIMMED MILK 250ml and for teas
    HEX B 2 x weetabix
    Banana SUPERFREE.

    2 x tea
    1 x water
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  3. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    Looks good so far the only thing I don't know is the Tesco slim bar for HEB as far as I know it's only alpen lights, them aldi bars, chewy delights and the SW hifi bars that make the list for HEB so check that out
  4. missfatpants

    missfatpants Full Member

    Thwnks ach - I will check that - I know they only 63 cals a bar though so if I synned it - it would be 3?

    rest of day today was


    4 x small wholemeal slices 1 x HEX B. Was being a pig but forgot I had had 2 weetabix already as a hex b
    2 @ 6syns each 12 syns
    2 x turkey rashers FREE
    30g philly lightest. HEX A
    1 egg. FREE

    Righteous oil free peppercorn dressing FREE

    Spinach. SUPERFREE
    Tomato. SUPERFREE
    Cucumber. SUPERFREE
    carrot. SUPERFREE
    spr onions. SUPERFREE

    2 x coffee biscuits 23 cals each. 2 syns

    Mixed salad all super free ingredients

    Ff finest yog. FREE
    Strawbs, blueberries. SUPERFREE

    TOTAL SYNS SO FAR 32/105

    ps feel I eating too much 4 slices bread???

    Had a sneaky peek and so far 4lbs down but I know that can change so not getting too excited - roll on day 5 at 100% tomorrow
  5. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    You can have 4 slices of 400g for two hex b if your on a red green day so it's not too much but if you had your weetabix too it would be synned. Do you have online access? Make sure you check out all yogurts am d things as some fat free ones can still be high in syns x
  6. missfatpants

    missfatpants Full Member

    oh no !!!!!!! Just checked and ACH - thank you so much for telling me about the yog hurts !! 18syns for a 500g pot!!!!! I had no idea - god knows how many extra syns I have had - I have had prob about 2 pots so far so that is an extra 37 syns!!!!!! I will prob have gone over on some days but luckily not for the week. It's really great this site - I would have eaten it by bucket loads ( it's so nice!) if it was not for you guys - thanks ach!!
  7. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    Yeh a few people have been caught out by things it's so bad isn't it! Especially if it's Tesco finest it will be loaded with sugar! I check the syns in everything I'm obsessed haha

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