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My journey - Day 9 - packed in!!!


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Oh my god!!!! I have started this diet about 20 times and god knows how many other diets over the last 5 years or so!!!

Something has hit me like a bolt out of the blue and I am determined that this is the last time.

I need to loose about 6 stone and i need to see it come off quick. Had a bit of a bad few months, marriage wise and it has given me a wake up call.


I don't want to go on holiday, shopping, nights out and I am fed up with it all. So I haven't even seen my CDC had a week of shakes in the house so started this morning. This is it, and I know i have said this many many times before but I do mean it.

So i will keep posting on this thread so that I can look back when i get fed up and also to share my feelings so anyone please feel free to come in and join me on my journey to being HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

x x x x
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Hi Wobbly71 - you sound as determined as me that this weill be the last time, but the successful time!! I started yesterday so it will be nice to see how you get on - keep posting! Best of luck to you


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Thanks for that, maybe we could keep each other going, we have similar amounts to loose haven't we!!!

Have you tried this diet before or is it your first go! If it is your forst go, don't cheat at all, wish I hadn't listened to little voices in my head ha ha. Anyway all in the past now, this time is it!!!


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Hello, and yes there are lots of us here. Its a great site huh. I've got my first weigh in tommorow (I'm nervous). We can see from everyone else it works, its up to us to stick to it!!!
I was having a very tough day yesturday but sat and read a few success stories and it does really help. I'll be looking out for you and good luck. You can do this as can I!


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S: 16st2lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 41 Loss: 1st2lb(7.08%)
This is my 3rd time, the 1st i lasted 10 days, the 2nd i lasted 2 days!!! but am so determined to do it this time, really i have no option a lot depends on my losing this weight, my job and my health and my self confidence! I did consider the other diets such as WW and SW but i need the results fast and this is the best way!


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Still hanging in, on day 1....

Going to have my 2nd shake in a bit, then going food shopping!!! a a a hhhhhhhh. . .

Feeling ok up to now, obviously starving, but keep telling myself if that's the worst i am going to feel like then bring it on!

Speak later x x


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hi Wobbly good luck! I started yesterday too. Seems like so many people are starting at the same time as me! Maybe we should make a team with new CD starters? Though I don't know how the team things work.

god knows we're all in the same boat, failed yo yo dieters anyone? Thought so...

All the best!


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S: 16st2lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 41 Loss: 1st2lb(7.08%)
I'd be up for starting a new team! but I dont know how to do it either!


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Day 1 over and managed 100% sole source, never been done for a while I can tell you, went food shopping and cooked teas and even prepared a casserole for tonights tea for the family. Finding it ok.

Keep thinking it's only hunger, it's not gonna kill me for 3/4 months. Nothing can feel worse than I feel being fat!

Also would definately love to be in a team challenge if amnyone knows what to do!


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I am also a 10000x times re-started.
Today is Day 2 for me and it was okay.
I was focused though a bit stressed at work and wanted to munch on something :p but managed to absorb myself at work. only left an hour at work so it is a success for me on Day 2 ! yay.

Gd luck on your re-start. Once you get your mind into it, nothing can stop you. Don't think abt upcoming functions, events and stuff like that. Just keep your mind on today only!
Today going great!!!! I have some keto sticks so might test in the morning, normally am in ketosis after 1/2 days, lucky me. There again the hunger doesn't bothe rme it's the 'wanting', just the tastes of things. Anyway I am not giving into this and am soooooo looking forward to the summer when I can finally enjoy the good weather and holidays and being with my hubby and daughter doing things I want to do and wearing what I want to wear....

Speak later everyone

love x x x


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The same with me, i dont get hungry, i just want to eat delicious food!! but figure i have eaten enough delisious food and a couple of months out will do me the world of good. I think things will probably taste even better, in moderation though lol!


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Well done Wobby71, and everyone else. I too am restarting. On day 3 and I'm actually counting down the days to weigh in. Cant wait to feel great again. x
Day 3 today and still going strong.

Had a moment last night with left over KFC chicken, but managed to put it all in the bin!!

Feeling quite positive at the minute, not feeling low and moody (yet! ha ha)

Hubby is being marvellous and keeps talking about the summer when we can do this and that, can't wait!

Speak later

x x


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S: 17st10lb C: 17st10lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 42.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i'm on day 4 now, weird how i have totally adjusted to the slightly weird taste of the porridge etc and now find it nice. so happy cos i'm quite a picky eater!

has any one here noticed a slight sort of .. stickiness on the teeth? Like at night (after brushing teeth) My back teeth sort of stuck together a little bit!?

maybe it's just me then...

first W.I tomorrow, though it'll only be day 5 as I didn't start straight away. fingers crossed..
Good luck with your weigh in catkins. I tell you what i have noticed, my teeth are aching a bit!!! Probably with not chewing as normally my mouth's never empty!

Is everyone else doing ok!

Need to change the title on my thread but can't!


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hi wobbly, like you this is my millionth restart and i haven't even restarted yet, i am debating with my mind like crazy...

i have been simply dieting the past couple of weeks and lost 5lbs, but i want the rapid loss of cd

my concern is ss'ing straight away, because i keep failing, so i am debating whether to start on a higher plan x
Hope you dont mind me joining in i am starting tomorrow for the 4th time i have never managed to get past day 5 in the past, but i am really determined now and would love to join you on your journey.
I have 6 stone to loose this will enable me to get my life back and start enjoying myself. I tried to get back on ss a month ago but hadn't been feeling too good because i discovered a a large lump in my stomach just before xmas, and convinced myself that i had bowel cancer, i couldn't pick up the courage to go to docs but i eventually went and told him 3 weeks ago. He contacted hospital straight away and i went on monday i have had a really bad few weeks listening to poor jade goodey didn't help me. I am a single mom with a 5 year old little girl and was worried sick who was going to look after her when i was gone as I have no family. But i am the the lucky one the consultant said that i have a hernia i was so happy that i thanked him he said no one had ever thanked him for telling them they had a hernia before lol. So now i can start planning for mine and my daughters future and i have every reason in the world to loose weight. I have got to have an operation to do a repair but that is nothing compared to what i thought i was going to have to face i have so much admiration for jade and what she is doing for her boys i only had a taster of what she is going through and i wouldn't want to experience anything so frightening again. So i would love to keep you all company.


Fab & Fit For Florida
chick you sound like you have been through the mill with all the worrying... stay strong you will be fine...

i would love to join you on cd journey as i think i am starting again tomorrow for the millionth time... :)
thats great goolian thanks for you reply.
I really feel +ve this time, we are the same weight i would like to loose about 6 stone :sigh: and i know that cd is the one to do it. Normal diets dont work for me the weight doesn't come off fast enough and so i get fed up.
The first time i did it i lost 10 lbs in the first week so i know that 6 st wont take that long if i put my mind to it.
I would love so much to be able to wear nice clothes this summer and for olivia my daughter to be proud of me.
Up until now i have always been the fat friend i just laugh it off and most times i make a joke of it, it's easier to deal with it that way, but inside its breaking my heart, and i know that i am the only one that can change it.
So now is the time and i know with each others support we can do this lets stop being the fat friends and start being the tasty ones :greenapple:

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