my journey to 9st and beyond..

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  1. Jemma12

    Jemma12 Member

    Hi all

    I thought id start a diary. More for my own benefit really.

    I started the diet on Friday and my start weight was 16st6. I had the odd struggles but managed pretty well, other than the few times I caught myself nearly picking at my sons leftovers! Thankfully ive so far managed to catch myself in time.

    So now ive realised I more eat when im bored not hungry, kind of worrying as im bored quite a lot.

    I am currently a size 18 and due to fly on a plane in may so have been worrying about the seatbelt not fitting so am aiming to be a size 16 or even better a 14 by then. Just to help the paranoia.

    Ive just had my 1st weigh in and have lost 7lbs. Ive also lost 4 inches off my waist. So I am very happy about that so far. Sorry about my jabbering. It just helps to write it down.

    Oooh just wanted to add. Ive just tried the mango shake - really didnt like!
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  3. Jemma12

    Jemma12 Member

    Woooo! I have officially completed my first week.
    Now to get to next week xx
  4. gerujool

    gerujool Silver Member

    Well done, you go girl xx

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