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My journey to slimdom!!

Hi all...
I am new to this forum and as I am determined to lose weight after so many times I have done "THE DIET"... and lost my will..

Firstly my name is Nikki... 33 years old and 5ft 7.
At the moment I am weghing in at 15 st:cry:

soooo... I decided to do a diary as this forum has made me even more determined to fight my flab!:eek:

I started to put a lot of weight on after I lost my 6 year old son in 2005.. wont go into detail but it was sudden and very tradgic. To then I drank 3 bottles of wine a night and ate and ate ( the tablets the doc put me on did not help) they made me want to eat:(

anyway... after a year since my son passed I was up to nearly 20 stone.. heaviest I have ever been.

I decided I needed to lose weight and after stopping drinking ( not touced a drop in over 4 and a half years) I lost some weight.. then got pregnant twice (everytime I started a diet!:eek:)...

sooo now I am totally devoted to losing weight and I am now 15 stones I am proud that I lost what I have but want to lose a lot more and would love to make new friends on my weight journey!!!

so thats the low down on me..and I shall be doing my diary daily!

And nice to meet you all!!!!:eek:
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so today was good!

Breakfast was a small bowl of special k skimmed milk
Lunch was a tine of tuna, onion, cucumber, tomato and very low fat ceaser dressing, black pepper and 2 crisp breads.. ww yoghurt and an apple..
Tea was a very small bowl of curry and rice

Lots of water and green tea..

2 hours on my walking machine.. ( legs hurt):p

nothing now shall pass my lips until morning!!:eek:
Hey Nikki, 5 stone lost you must be so proud :) you're moving even closer to your ideal weight every day now by the sounds of things. One thing though try to have low calorie foods like fruit or something in your house so you can eat if you fancy eating, your comment about nothing else passing your mouth sounds like hard work, and if you had very low calorie snacks you probabally could eat if you wanted to :)

From reading your posts you sound like you're eating very healthy. Bet you're feeling good for it, even aside from your great weight loss! Also well done on stopping drinking alcohol too :) sky's the limit now!
hi... I did forget to add I do have lots of fruit in the house.. and do eat it if I am peckish:eek:.

I have started to feel the weight comming off already thats just from stepping up my exercise!!!

Hi lovlies... this is todays menu...:eek:

Breakfast was small bowl special k and skimmed milk.. 2 cups of green tea and a glass of water

Lunch was another bowl of special k skimmed milk( didnt fancy anything) 2 apples and a ww yoghurt.
lots of water and green tea in between
2 hours on my walking machine before lunch

dinner will be cajun chicken breast with a jacket spud and salad.. an orange for after.

hope your all well!!


On A Mission!
Well done on losing 5st Willowniven, thats an amazing achievement in itself. You sound very positive despite all the awful things you have been through, im sure you will get the better of your weight, and you are halfway there anyway which is fantastic.

Good luck with it, will look forward to reading your updates!
well...I'm scared to weigh myself.. been working uber hard this week!! not weighing until tuesday! so a few more days to work even harder....:)

yesterdays breakfast: small bowl special k skimmed milk.
lots of water and green tea
yesterdays lunch: another bowl special k skimmed milk and 2 apples

we went shopping so didnt get home until 9pm.. didnt want a big meal at that time so had 1 piece of wheaten bread and a splendip..

fingers and toes crossed i lose at least 2 lbs this week...

I bought a pair of tight fitting skinny jeans in the hope I get into them.. tried them on and they fit:eek:
Had a nice relaxing day today...Hubby took the kids out so I could do my exercise!..legs sore now:)

Breakfast: small bowl of special k skimmed milk
lots of water and green tea and xenical
2 hours exercise :cry: but feel good after!!!:)
Lunch: a ww yougurt , apple and banana..

Dinner: (had it early today) pasta salad with a piece of wheaten bread.. xenical..
( I did have a veryyyyy small slice.. say less than thumb size (womens thumbs!!!) of cake..as it is my sons 6th birthday.. plus I had not had any treats in a good few weeks.. so I wont feel guilty:rolleyes:.... who am I kidding.. feel bad now but it was the smallest bit ever!!!
looking forward to putting my feet up later after the munchkins are in bed and watching a dvd!! this time NOT an exercise one!!! haha....have a lovley saturday all!!:)
well.... I weighed myself last night.. excited as I was certain to have lost something with all the effort I have put in... and I'm still the same 14 stone 13 lbsWhat the hell is going on.. feel like giving up:cry:I wouldnt mind if I cheated or didnt do any exercise but I have.. 2 hours an day!!!!!! NOT going to weigh myself now for ages.. see what happens.. something has to give soon.. BUT I wont be beaten... I will lose weight!! I have stayed the same for weeks now.. so not fair.. even on the xenical..just feel like crying:cry:

only just had something to eat as I was cleaning all morning and doing my exercise.. legs are burning now!! as I said I am still carrying on,,
Breakfast: small bowl of special k skimmed milk.... a banana an apple and a low fat yoghurt..green tea.. water and xenical...

Lunch will be lean roast beef steamed veggies.. sweet potato roasties(no oil) with garlic and rosemary.. stuffing. 1 small yorkie..and a splash of gravy...xenical
(surely thats not fattening) ugh...:(
wont be eating asnything after that.. we tend to have an early dinner on a sunday.. so If I am pekish after I will have fruit or a ww yoghurt..

lots of water inbetween
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I have discovered my fitness pal!!! what a site.. fantastic..
I put in my details and it told me |I needed 1200 cals a day.. was eating way under when I put in the food diary!"!:cry:sooo I have made a plan to get to 1200..:)
and exercise it tells you what you burn ect...

I am doing high impact aerobics for 1 hour a day
30 mins of low impact for 30 mins
and an hour on my walking machine
so all in all it burns over 1200.. wth!!!! when I checked my diary it said I had earnt over 1200 extra calories becuase of my exercise!! dam I couldnt eat anything else! so we will see how it goes...

breakfast : small bowl special k skimmed milk, apple and a banana.. ww yoghurt
green tea

lunch will be : 1 tin of drained tuna..red onion, cucumber, tomato, red pepper with a tiny bit of low fat ceaser dressing.
apple and a ww yoghurt..xenical

tea will be: chicken breast.. teryaki marinade.. small baked potato.. and salad.. with fruit after...xenical

my legs are killing me from the squats but hey ho..no pain no gain huh!!!

Hiya Willow!
Nice to see its all coming along well. Shame about the disappointing weigh in but I think you have found out why! I love Myfitnesspal too, its my best friend at the moment I swear. I find it really helps regulate when and what you should be eating, and its so handy how it has a lot of normal branded english foods on it. When I first got it I thought It would all be American.
Good luck! And fingers crossed for next WI, I bet its massive.
Well weighed myself this morning... still the same:cry: I just want to cry after all the hard work |I have put in.. my legs still hurt from all the high impact aerobics I have been doing:(
Feel like giving up.. but wont!
I dont want to eat at all now...this deit can :kissass:!!!!!!

I will still go at it.. but very disheartned!!:cry:
hi all.. hope your ok!
Well I treated myself to a wii fit plus.. when weighed it said 14stone 12!!!! well I'm going with that:)

not been on as I have family flying over tomorrow so I am burning more cals cleaning haha!!:p
Just came across your diary and that's great news about the size 18 coat, bet that felt amazing! :) Sounds like you are getting on really well with the food etc so keep up the good work!
Thanks princess!! feels great..

Well I weighed myself.....14st 9lbs yayyy!! its moving at last.. so thrilled:D

my mum came over and noticed the difference right away.. wonder why I cant!! next goal is 14 and a half... then 14!!!

Hope your all well!!!:)
well I am soooo sore!!
I am doing lots of boxing.. and my back hurts ouch! weigh in day is next wednesday.. I dont hop on the scales on a daily basis anymore yay!!:eek:

Just had a egg white omlette for brekkie, for a change, lunch is 1 slice of toast with half a can of low fat beans!
dinner will be cod in parsley sauce, sweet potato roasts, sprouts, carrots, peas and sweetcorn..

I am more motivated now.. dont seem to be hungry either!!

Hope your all well!
Well things still going great here...:)
I am not thinking I am dieting anymore.. more a lifestyle change.. and healthy eating.. works better for me.

I am now down to 14st 6lbs...:D and have more determination than ever!

I use my wii fit plus on a daily basis.. one or two hours a day.. My legs hurt after but hey ho no pain no gain!!

Hope your all ok:)

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