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My Journey


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I have been looking at some old photos and have tried to attach one of the photos that became my turning point and a couple of photos from Christmas so I could share how far I have come.

I have been messing around with my diet since the autum and really want to finish off the journey I started last February.:)
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U look soo beautifullll....how many have u lost in how many weeks, from the 1st and the 3rd photo??!!
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This is the last time!!
Wow, and I'm loving that red dress in the 3rd photo, you look awesome!


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you look fantastic
wow - tell us a bit about your journey hun. how has it been for you? ss all the way or are you on a higher plan?
Thank's for the positive comments:eek:

The 1st photo was taken on holiday in Morocco in November 2008 and I hardley recognised myself. I knew I had put on weight but I was really shocked.

I knew I had Christmas and New year as well as my son's birthday party in January to deal with so knew I would have to wait until the new year before I tried any diet plan.

A girl I met via work had lost alot of weight and I decided I would ask her how she had managed her weight loss. She told me about cambridge and how she popped to see a counsellor once a week and it appealed to me. No public humiliation of going along to a slimming club.

I deceided that I would not be telling anyone I was staring cambridge as I knew they would not understand and I would get lot's of comments about low calorie diets and how bad they were how I would loose weight and gain it all back and more :sigh:

So in February I made an appointment and went along to see the counsellor she was lovely and explained all about the plan and what I would need to do.

I decided to sole source as I thought it would be better for me to stay away from temptation.:)

I avoided putting myself in situation with food, at work I would pop out to the shops say I was off to pay bills etc so that I did not sit and have people question what I was doing.

On nights out I drove so no one thought anything of me being on soda water which is already my drink of choice and I would say I am healthy eating and avoiding bloating bread etc to avoid really bad buffets.

The weight started to come off and I started to feel more like me. I had lot's of changes and stresses over the summer and stopped the diet in the autum, in October I went away on holiday and had a lovely time. I started a new job in November and knew I was not in the right place to re start the programme.

The 2nd photo is of a night out in November and the 3rd photo is the works christmas party in 2009.

I moved diet counsellors as the previous lady was now miles and miles away as I had moved jobs etc.

I met my new counsellor but have not really been able to re start the programme as I felt my life kept getting in the way. The new counsellor is very supportvive and a credit to the programme as she has provided encouragement to me even though I have not stuck to the programme.

I have been able to maintain my weight of sorts and only gained a few lbs, so I am really pleased with that as I don't want to be the person in the 1st photo ever again.

I have my 1st weigh in this Sunday and am looking forward to it, I just want to finish the journey I started last February, I am sure I will have moments when I think I just can't do it but I am going to keep looking at that 1st photo and remind myself how far I have come:)

Thank's for reading I wish everyone success:)


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Hi Mellie

Thats great to hear and thanks for sharing that with us all.. Its good to have something to look back on to remind us of why we are doing this.. I really need to get some pics done like that. I had a pic done a cpl of weeks ago..and got this back yest.. I loved the way I looked at the time, had my hair done professionally and make up too, new dress, new bag and shoes.. and when I saw this yest I looked huge :(... So might keep that as my incentive to keep on track.. xx

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