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My Journey

I have done SW in the past and at one point I managed to lose 3 stone, unfortunately I have put that and a bit more back on :mad:. I've joined and re-joined SW umpteen times and not managed to get to where I want to be - I give up far to easily! That has to stop, my husband and I have been trying for a baby for 6yrs (I have PCOS) and we've finally found a Dr that is prepared to do something to help us. I know the specialist will say loss weight so I hope to make a start before I get there.

At the end of June I decided I would give Weight Watchers a go as I thought having something new to focus on might help, I've managed to lose 8.5lbs in 5 weeks, not the fantastic start I was hoping for but at least its a loss. Anyway after 5 weeks I am now sick and fed up of counting points :sigh:, I miss SW and the freedom it gives you (the grass isn't greener on the other side!!)

So here I am AGAIN, I've decided to do SW (green days are my fav!). I am doing this by myself using the SW stuff I've collected over the years and minimins (which i've used before and know its a fantastic site).

I currently tip the scales at 19.01 stone so have a lot to lose :eek:. According to the BMI charts I should be about 10-11 stone but that is too far off in the distance at the moment so I'll take it stone by stone and hope I get there.

I look forward to being slimmer, healthier and one day a mummy (oh and of course getting to know all you lovely people!!)
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As I've changed the plan I'm doing I'll change my WI day too so now it'll be Monday mornings. I did half an hour of step aerobics last night (thats good for me!). Tbh I'm not expecting a loss this week as for the first part of the week I really didn't do too well (doing WW but not counting points!!) So whatever Monday brings I'll take on the chin and get down to it SW style from Monday.


One day at a time, one step at a time
You can do this! My lovely friend has PCOS and has now lost loads on SW :D

Well done on the exercise I so wish I liked it :( but I dont, but I have ordered new trainers which should come today so i can use my dusty treadmill again :D

Shall pop in from time to time to check up on you if thats okay?

Goodluck sweetie we are all here for you to keep you motivated. xxxxx
Hi Claire,

I found your diary! :D

Good luck for your first SW Weigh In, I have to admit, I dont think I could do Weight Watchers!

Slimming World does not feel like a diet!! :D
I lost 2lbs this week and am really happy :D cos I didn't think I was going to lose anything. Thats 10.5lbs altogether.

I'm starting SW full throttle this week so I'm hoping to get my 1st stone next WI - and I know I can if I stick to the plan 100% :angel09:
**claire** said:
I lost 2lbs this week and am really happy :D cos I didn't think I was going to lose anything. Thats 10.5lbs altogether.

I'm starting SW full throttle this week so I'm hoping to get my 1st stone next WI - and I know I can if I stick to the plan 100% :angel09:
Yeah!!! Well done!! :)

Good luck for this week xxx
Good luck reaching your first stone goal, Claire. Counting points sucked the joy out of my life and after only losing 6-7 pounds over 6 months, I couldn't bring myself to do it any longer.

Just keep your eyes on the prize. I'm trying to lose weight to conceive as I have a family history of gestational diabetes and I'm terribly afraid of needles.
Ah found you Claire !!

Well done on yr loss this week that's great.
I too dabbled with ww bought the stuff off ebay after reading some of the ww diaries on here. Couldn't manage it tho was so hungry and spent points on rubbish and got totally Fed up having to continually look up points value. Your so right the grass is def not greener on the other side.

Lisa x
Oops, I've had a crap day - chocolate and crisps (and not small portions either!) now I feel sick :sign0137: at the moment I certainly don't deserve a loss on Monday. I am drawing my Line ______________________ and plan to spend the next few days eating tonnes of superfree and superspeed foods to undo the damage.
WI this morning and I STS, considering the choc and crisps I ate the other day I'm ok with that. I am setting myself a challange: 1. Stick to the plan 110% EVERYDAY :angel09:!! and 2. Do at least 45mins of step for 4 days (preferably more but if I tell myself to do that I'll only rebel and not do any :angeldevil:!!)
Good Luck this week Claire.

I was gutted with my WI, I had been soooo good and stuck to plan 100%, yet only lost 1lb :-( xx

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Well I failed both challenges and as a result I gained 2lbs!!!! I am not setting myself any other challenges as that way I can't fail (I knew it was a bad idea) I have an inner demon with a burning desire to sabotage me and you can gaurantee if I set a challange the little blighter wins. I have no idea how to stop her, I know it sounds easy - just stop eating stuff your not supposed to, but I can't seem to do it at least not while I'm by myself, I can do it 110% when I know someones watching but when i'm alone I undo all the good work. I think I have serious issues to work through.

On a more cheery note I'm off out with my dad in a bit which is why I've changed WI day to Sundays, cos we go out most sundays, and now I don't have to have a jacket pot for lunch if I don't want one!

Hope everyone else is doing better than me, good luck for your WI's x x


One day at a time, one step at a time
Don't be disheartened sweetie we have all been there done that got the tshirt. Set yourself up to succeed. Setting sights too high is not good for us. Set yourself a goal of ie 1lb a week and try 100% one day at a time, so at the end of ie 1 100% day you feel good, that fab feeling carries forward to day 2 etc etc. There will be blips along the way but thats what we are here for sweetie to help you along the way.

Have a fab day with your Dad xxxxx

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