My Journey


I started dieting in March 2005 doing Slimming World at first. Went onto Cambridge at the beginning of August this year and have now started stabalization.

I thought i'd share some photos of my journey.
Pics 1 are before - size 22
Pics 2 are a couple of months in
Pics 3 are just over a year in
Pics 4 are start of cd
Pics 5 are a month into cd
Pics 6 are now in the new size 14 clothes.

Everybody on here have been such good support and an inspiration and reading all your threads and advice have really helped me though this journey. I'm hoping to get another stone and a half off but had to start stabalization early as i'm due to have an operation before christmas so can't be on ss for that.

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Wow, the change is unbelievable. Do you get people not even recognising you? You've worked so hard on this, you must be thrilled with the results.
Ohhhhhhhh iv'e just had a loook at your photos what a difference!! well done!!!
Thanks everyone it's been amazing looking at the pictures myself and seeing the difference.

Yes Clairejen I have had that. Went to my friends wedding in September and there were some of her relatives that I hadn't seen for over 6 years and they didn't recognise me at first, it felt great.

Last night as were I was driving home from a night out with my fiancee (I was wearing the outfit in the now photos) and he looked at me and said "stop looking so small" I was a bit shocked cause he's been so proud of me but he confirmed he loved the new me but said he didn't care what I looked like (he met me around the time of the before pics) all he cared about was my health. He keeps calling me skinny :D
you look absolutely beautiful! so many well dones. you're an inspiration. x
You look so different, i love the hair!

Well done! :D


your story is a motivation to carry on

well done to you

congratulation !!!