Step 1 Sole Source My last desperate attempt to lose 3.5s for my big day 20/04/14!!!

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  1. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    So ... I kick started my diet again from midnight New Years Day 2014!

    It's the year of my wedding and this is my final chance to lose the extra weight Iv been carrying around in time for my big day and honeymoon in Dubai & Mauritius ! Yay!

    As long as I can remember Iv been on diet after diet and to date Iv got no where, in fact over that time Iv only managed to get bigger. Iv had enough of being miserable, self conscience and hating the way I look! So Iv decided I am going to take my last chance and do the Cambridge Diet to succeed to my goal weight!??

    So anyway I started on 01.01.14 weighing in at 12s 11lbs.....I'm now on day 5 and today I weighed in at 12s 1lbs! :) total loss of 10lbs already! Woo hoo!

    I'm not goin to lie every day so far has been very difficult staying 100% and I miss food sooooo much! But.. Iv managed to over come temptation and I'm so determined, in fact more so this time than I have ever felt! The loss has just motivated me to keep going!

    My consultant isn't able to see me until 07/01 but I had some products left over from Exante which I tried a few months ago so I started off on that until my appointment. So my weigh in on tues will be my 1st full week and I can't wait to see my loss then at the end of week 1! I won't weigh again now till the appointment and then continue weekly so that it's more of a surprise lol.
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  3. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    I hold my head in shame!!! I just caved and had 2 x Brie on cracker with red onion chutney and a couple of spoonfuls of the veg curry I just cooked for the fam!

    Today was really hard, I wasn't really hungry but wanted to taste good food sooooo bad!

    I can't believe it I'm so mad at myself, hope I haven't done myself too much damage after the hard work...

    I'm goin bed now and will make sure I'm 100% Tomo again .. May even go the gym!
  4. teamshelley

    teamshelley Full Member

    We've all had blips! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on! You can do it! x
  5. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    Thanks hun,

    Iv drawn a line under it and will continue 100%!
  6. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    Day 6 - a much better day.. 100%! Never thought I'd hear myself saying this but I'm actually so glad to be back at work as my day has been a lot easier!

    Not had all the extra time to think and crave food as I do when at home!

    Hope my evening goes just as well!

    I will not be broken this time! :)
  7. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    So I'm at the end of day 6 and Iv been totally 100%!

    It feels so weird not to be feeling hunger pangs!

    Scared about my weigh in Tomo!

    To be in the 11's would be the best thing ever for me! Iv been stuck at 12s or plus for the last 10 yrs! That is my first goal!
  8. joh2605

    joh2605 Full Member

    :welcome: hi and welcome, good luck on your plans for the wedding and your first wi, I actually traveled to Dubai and Mauritius a few years ago and Mauritius in particular was heaven on earth xxx
  9. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    On to day 7 and end of week 1!

    Had my official week 1 weigh is and the scales said 12stone exactly!

    So... Total loss = 11 lbs - woo hoo

    My goal to get into the 11s are soooo close now! Must keep goin!!! :) :)
  10. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    Hey all! Glad to hear were all doin well! X

    I'm sure we will all be having great losses as long as we stay focused, sting and positive!!

    I got to say... I'm completing day 7.... And i feel great!

    Not hungry, not bothered about food.. Only get hunger pains when my next meal is due and once had I'm totally satisfied!

    Roll on week 2! X

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