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My leader is great

I just wanted to share with you how great my leader is. It's my second week and i lost 1/2 lb (not a suprise seeing as what I have eaten this week) and my leader is so supportive. I said it's only 1/2 lb and she said that over the course of my journey if i dismissed every 1/2 lb i lost i would be half a stone heavier!

It really made me think and she is so pleased for you even if its 1/2 lb, she makes me feel bouyant and never that i could have done better. She is also following EE plan herself and I like a leader that is following it and is experiencing what i am experiencing.

Just thought i would share all of that with you.

How do you all find your leaders? Supportive or a pain in the bum!
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I said it's only 1/2 lb and she said that over the course of my journey if i dismissed every 1/2 lb i lost i would be half a stone heavier!
Never thought of it like that! Dont feel so bad I only lost 1/2 a lb last week now too!

Thats so nice to have someone so supportive like that. You have a gudden there!


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A good leader makes all the difference! I couldn't stand our last one. (I'd love to know what happened to her!) This one has boundless enthusiasm, makes all sorts of suggestions if someones struggling and nearly crawled in to do our class 2 weeks ago despite looking and feeling awful! She had to wear her coat to keep warm! That makes me think she's really dedicated. I haven't hit a bad patch yet, but I'm sure if I do she'll be there for me.


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It's definitely a big help if the leader is good! My leader is great and always full of good ideas and suggestions :D


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I have a great leader too. She texts, writes or email to encourage you and gives you practical advice if your struggling.


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Pretty lucky really,I've heard some horror stories of less than professional consultants and tbh if mine was rubbish i wouldn't go back x
I went to w tuesday clas years ago with a great leader but then i couldn't do tuesdays anymore so i swapped to a wednesday class and i stopped going because i hated the leader. There was anadvert in my local paper saying a new leader was doing wednesdays and its the great leader from tuesdays holding it now. No one used to ever stay and she was the least motivating person i ever met. The class used to open at 7 and she would lock the door until then and make everyone queue outside in the rain!

The good lader now does both classes, consequetive nights in the same place so if you can't get to one you can go to the other etc and she opens at 7 but lets you in 6.30 to get weighed etc. It's much better.

I think the old leader must have got complaints because she really was useless!

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My current SW leader is really nice, friendly and hard-working. I like her.

I used to go to WW, years ago, and the leader there was awful...She was like the one in Little Britain. That said, my friend and I really enjoyed her classes, as we used to laugh all the way home at what a dreadful woman the leader was. :D


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i like my leader she is sooo supportive. bit worried as my hubby might be going back to footie on a wednesday so i would have to transfer to a monday. but i might, as someone suggested, go and just see what she is like.
i gave my leader my food diary and it was so bad but she was pleased that i had wrote everything, and i mean everything, down as it meant that i am not in denial about the food i have shovelled in.
she tries everything to help you. We are having a taste day next week and she also said that in a few weeks she will run the whole meeting as if we were all SW virgins, which would be good.
she also said that in a few weeks she will run the whole meeting as if we were all SW virgins, which would be good.
That's what we all need i think, sometimes going back to basics to remind us all of the basic plan works. We all know it but i guess we get complacement and being bought back on track has always worked for me in the past. x


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my leader is the BEST I've ever had doing ANY diet. She is 95% of why I've stuck with the plan and why I WILL reach my goal. I've never stuck with SW this long or lost this much weight on it before and it's hugely down to her phenomenal support. Before if I ever went away on holiday and put on then I'd just jack it in but it's now a way of life and I get straight back on track.

I just wish everyone could have a great leader as it makes such a huge difference!
My leader is also following the plan herself.. and not only that but paying to go to another group as a member.. i think its faba nd she updates us each week on how she gets on and now contributes a lot more with recipes.. shes always bin fab but now shes starting the plan again herself shes been even better. I dont think i would have done it without her! x


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i had a really boring leader before but i moved classes and the one i have now is really funny and she always seems so excited bout everything and i think it rubs off.a good consultant is really important she encourages all to swap recipes and things.
I've trawled all the local SW classes near me but the consultants all seem to be much the same ..... the only ones that I've found to be good are miles away (like 30-45 mins drive each way) so currently I don't go to a class.

A friend of mine does WW (eugh) and when she went to class recently she'd put on (about 5lb), she explained to the leader that she'd had a dinner party that weekend - the leader, at the top of her voice, came back with - my God, what did you eat? The other guests?!?!

She hasn't gone back to class since!!

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