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My Lipotrim journey

So today is day one and I have decided to keep a diary every day to be able to look back on.

Day one:

Went to pharmacy today and got weighed. 18st5lbs. Not exactly happy about that but it won't be that for much longer or ever again. Got my choc shakes and soups for the week. Am STARVING! lol! I hate this first few days. I have a headache and I am thinking I am mad for doing this again. But it works. I know it works. Once I hit ketosis then it will be easier.

Bring on KETOSIS!!!!
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Thanks Sweetness!

DAY 2.

So yesterday was a nightmare. I was so hungry in bed last night I couldn't get to sleep. I am not feeling too hungry this morning Thank God. I always found the evenings were much worse for me. I suppose its because it is in the evening that I usually eat.

I am feeling mostly positive and that I am taking control back of my life. I have a few months without food now to gain insight into why I turn to food for everything. I need to switch off that part of my brain! Hurry up ketosis!!!! I am waiting!
Keep going! You'll get to ketosis very soon. Find things to keep you busy in the evenings :) Works for me! Xxx

peach pip

Nothing but Fuzz!
Keep it going Hun I started the same time as you, it's the same old same old feeling of wanting something more because you can't have it stay strong honey! Oh and your minimins iPhone app works :) x
Morning Everyone!

Thanks Emma and Peach for words of encouragement and support. I really appreciate it!


Well I woke up this morning starving so I am expecting today to be the worst day and hopefully tomorrow it will get easier. Yesterday wasnt too bad. Apart from moments of hunger overall it wasn't too hellish.

I cooked hubby's dinner last night and was fine until he sat down to eat it. Then the hunger demon came out to play. So I went and had a lovely long shower while he was eating.

Today I have to make a cheesecake for my mother in law and I am a bit afraid of finger licking. I think I will wear gloves to make sure I dont.

I hope today goes quick!!!! Ketosis I am still waiting.........
Oh thanks hun. I really hope so. I know once I hit ketosis it is mostly fairly easy for me to stick to this diet. I am not saying I dont have my moments on it but I love how fast the weight comes off and it spurs me on week to week!!!
You have done amazingly hun! You must feel like a different person already. Its a fantastic feeling when clothes start to feel looser. I know you probably think I am mad but I can feel a difference already. Its more I dont feel as bloated or have that heavy full feeling in my stomach anymore. I cant wait for jeans to start falling off me!!!!

peach pip

Nothing but Fuzz!
Ohhh I love that feeling when your jeans are hanging off and just plain don't fit! I wish I'd kept some of my old ones from before I lost any weight to see the difference when I start to refeed... Before I started lipotrim I lost approx 5stones by training to swim lake Windermere... wish I'd kept something from before that haha

You are doing so well Hun and soon you wont care how many cakes you have to make you won't want them!! Yay!! Xx
Cheesecake made!!! Didn't bother me in the slightest. Only thing I was afraid of as i said was licking my fingers but I was aware not too and kept a towel beside me to keep wiping them.

Well done you on losing all that weight and swimming a lake! That is just amazing. I am planning on taking up running when I get a bit of weight off. I would love to run a half marathon or even a full marathon!
So in my effort to motivate myself I had a look back at my weight losses on LT last year and I really hope I can do as well this time. I want to write them down somewhere that I can easily refer to as each weigh in passes. Here goes:

Week 1: -11
Week 2: -8
Week 3: -6
Week 4: -5
Week 5: -5
Week 6: -7
Week 7: -6
Week 8: -4
Week 9: -3
Week 10: -3
Week 11: -6
Week 12: -5
Week 13: -3
Total Loss: 72lbs

Hope I can match that this time!!!!
I am planning on taking up running when I get a bit of weight off. I would love to run a half marathon or even a full marathon!
Snap!! I am desperate to get in the gym and start running!! I want to register for at least a 10k within the next 6months and work my way up :-D Just need to get some of this stupid flab off first. Grrrr. *Blasts fat demon* Xxx

peach pip

Nothing but Fuzz!
Well done with the cheesecake challenge haha! That's a job very well done! :)

I can't ever imagine enjoying running I hate it haha will give it another shot though, a friend of mine is doing a triathlon a week at the min and loving it.. A 40k bike ride, 1 mile swim and 10k run... Over a week broken up is a brilliant challenge I think xx

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