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My Little Bavarian Trip


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Hey you guys!

Just thought I'd let you know about my recent Bavarian trip and my eating whilst I was there.

I was quite concerned as all meals were to be provided (including a packed lunch)and for anyone that has eaten in an Armed Forces mess/cookhouse you will understand why I was concerned.

However, I managed really well. We travelled by minibus for 18 hours :( and I stocked up on eggs, tuna, scratching and bars for the jouney. Had just Bacon and eggs on the ferry and all was well.

Had bacon and eggs for brekkie each day and fortunately we had an array of fillings available for us to make our own packed lunch up. I had cleverly taken 2 tupperware tubs and so had one full of egg mayo and one tuna or cooked meat salad with an atkins bar.

I snacked on pork scratchings and drank only water through the day and vodka and diet coke of an evening.

So far so good!

Evening meals were some form of protein, be it steak, chicken, pork chops with either veg or salad.

I stuck to this all the way until Friday night when we left at Midnight. The minibus journey was fine as I slept most of the way, until we got the 11.40am ferry. Breakfast had finished so no eggs and bacon and I just crumbled.........


Couldnt help myself. Then to top that off I went for a meal that evening and had steak and chips with onion rings and garlic bread!


Anyway on a lighter note I'm well and truly back on track this week. Im not going to beat myself up too much as I only gained 2lb (which incidentally is the same 2lb I have been loosing and gaining for the past month!).

I think the fact that I did some serious energy draining activities whilst I was there helped to counter by bad eating. I did 2 huge hillwalking days which burned a combined 4628 calories. In fact I'm surprised I had the energy to do it, although I really was walking like the cripple at the cross by the end of them.

Anyway guys that was my last week. Just thought I'd confess my sins to you all :rolleyes:

Oh and just to make up for it Ive been getting up at 6am and going to the gym and then going again at lunch time. So I'm not doing too bad.
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Boogaloo huni, i think you deserve a round of applause!! Seriously! I think you've done amazingly well with what resources you had available to you at the time and i sure know what the messes n rat packs are like. You had a couple of blips yes but you've acknowledged them now and you're back on track to carry on! Well done you for going to the gym twice a day - i'm pleased with myself if i get there twice a week! Look at it this way, imagine how you'd be feeling if you'd not done all that hard work through the week and then had the fish n chips etc on top! You can bet your bottom dollar that you'd have put on more that that 2lb!

Onwards n downwards girly, you're doing great!


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Cheers Claire love,

I must admit to being very suprised at the standard of food provided. I was really expecting 2 triangle sandwiches with a see-through slice of boiled ham. A blue ribbon chocolate bar, a bruised apple and a bag of cheap bensons crisps. But no it was really good.

I'm not beating myself up although I do wish I'd have saved the 2 cheat meals until I was further along with my weight loss, but sod it, its done now.

And guys I'm really not condoning my behaviour but gee wizz I enjoyed every mouthful.
I was quite concerned as all meals were to be provided (including a packed lunch)and for anyone that has eaten in an Armed Forces mess/cookhouse you will understand why I was concerned.
LOL, been there done that. ;) welcome back.
Well done boo! you did well and all the hiking. I'm going on vacation July 29th and I'll be doing a lot of hiking myself but I'm already thinking ahead and what I'm going to eat and etc.. I'll be aways for 3 weeks but I know I can and will do it!

caving in at the end isnt too bad at least you got right back on track..
Good for you morenachica, that's what I like good planning!
Good for you morenachica, that's what I like good planning!
Thanks jim I MUST plan. That's where I messed up last time and regained the weight back. I'm determined more than ever to do it right and maintain my weight.
Yes love, spot on. I honestly believe planning is what it's all about. I don't do it now, but back then I used to spend a half hour every evening planning what I was going to eat the next day. Friday night's I'd make a point of having a discussion with Colleen about what we were going to buy on the weekly shopping trip. I was lucky really, Colleen was really helpful when I was on Induction.
Having support is definitely a plus. I've aleady looked up menus on the internet of what I can eat at certain restaurants and etc... I'm not going to regain the weight I've lost because I didnt plan properly and let tempation get me. We are human but I can go to a restaurant and eat without blowing induction..
Eating out is always a problem though, My motto is "If you haven't cooked it, you don't know what's in it"

Having said that you can't go far wrong with a mixed grill or steak.
Well whadda ya know!

After my mammoth blow out last weekend (which incidentally I forgot to mention included a bag of Cadbury Caramel choccies) I got straight back on the wagon and on Wednesday, I just thought I'd check on ketosis with the sticks.

Well since starting Atkins a good few weeks ago I never actually got into Ketosis, despite ensuring that I stayed within the 20g carb limit. However, as of wednesday, my sticks have been changing everyday, whilst eating exactly the same as I did before. How Bizzarre. I dont have any explanation. I'm just glad I got back into it as quick as I did.
Our bodies are strange sometimes, I had a blow out carb binge one Friday evening during induction. On the Friday Morning I was down a pound for the week, on my Saturday weigh in just after the binge I'd lost 4lbs for the week. How do you explain that one then?
This is why I dont get too hung up over what my scales say. If I was trying to slim quickly then maybe I would beat myself up over it, but as it stands I'm obese if using BMI yet I still manage to pass my fitness test every 6 months and I can still get into my size 12 jeans. I want to lose weight purely for aesthetic purposes rather than health although if my fitness increases in the meantime then I'm not going to complain.
Jim wow our bodies are strange. I guess it's like that sometimes and we just dont have the answers to why. I was told that when you are let's say in induction or on a type of diet and when you change up for oneday it does something to your metabolism. That's what they say but who knows.
Well done boogaloo!

Wish i could get into size 12 jeans :( I'm still in my (albeit v.baggy) 18's atm :( most depressing. However bought a new skirt last weekend in a 16.. I still 'feel' massive though.. i wonder when my head will catch up?
Yes, well done boogaloo,

I agree morenachica

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