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My "little" jeans are too big!


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For the past 7 years I have measured by size by way of a size 14 pair of Dorothy Perkins jeans. When I could wear them out and about I was "just right"; when they were tight I needed to "watch out"; when the muffin top took over it was "oh gawd"! and when I couldn't zip them up it was "emergency time".

Well now the JEANS are TOO BIG!!!!!!!!!! Oh joy!!

But what do I use as a gauge now?

Before, when I could wear the jeans I felt "slim enough" but now being even littler I don't feel slim enough.

I have worked out that the difference is that now I know what I weigh!

When I didn't know what I weighed (hadn't been on a scales for about 2 years before LL because I found that my mood for any given day would be dictated by whether I weighed heavier or lighter than the day before!) I went by how my clothes fitted and how I looked in the mirror.

Now that I know what the scales says it's a different matter.

But still "THE JEANS ARE TOO BIG" :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: I'm sure I will process the 'other stuff' over time.
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I've just put on a size 14 fitted top that I bought 6 years ago that I have never fitted into (it was the only one available and I loved it so much that I always told myself that I would slim into it!) So yes - I'm sort of wondering where I go from here. I've never had 'skinny jeans' like the ones you have - my weight has always fluctuated too much for that to work. But I think when I get down to BMI 21.5 I may get myself a pair of beautifully cut size 10 designer jeans (but in a classic style that will last from year to year) and use those the the waistband test.

To be honest, I love fitted dresses and vintage clothes so the final test might be managing to fit into a proper 1950s wasp-waisted dress.

Maybe you could start looking for something very fitted and glamourous that you will treat yourself to once you are a size 10 and use that one perfect beautiful thing when you have stabilised.


Hopeful for the future
Well done FP!!
What a dilemma to have eh? And I'm sure you'll find a very satisfying solution to it too!



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Excellent! What an exciting feeling. I think i'll have to find my skinny jeans and hang them up as inspiration. Mine are a size 12 pair of Miss Sixty jeans - haven't fit since uni! :cry:

Thanks for letting us know - such motivation to hear about other people doing it! :D


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Fabulous. You must be thrilled.

Yeah - you might need to buy a smaller size jean and use that as your guideline!
Well done, thats great news.

Go out and treat yourself to a smaller size and then go buy how they fit from now on, after all you do deserve it.

Keep up the hard work xx :)
Hi Chaps,

I managed to get into a size 12 jeans today - such a good feeling. They did have a degree of stretch but they were still a size 12 and my butt did look good :D !

I think that this is a great diet - seeing fast results keeps me hooked.

My aim for this Summer is to be able to wear a pair of shorts and a bikini top (not around town but on the beach) - I don't know if I will get to that stage but I am giving myself until the end of July! One can only try.

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