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My Love/Hate Relationship with Lipotrim

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Well my LT journey is almost coming to an end, going to refeed on 22nd, and i never thought i'd say this, but i think im going to be gutted coming off it! I'm just so scared of gaining the weight back that ive lost (any tips from re-feeders or people on maintanence welcome!!!)

Last night (being Fri night) was so hard! My BF went out for a meal with some friends and I was home alone! I knew i wouldnt eat anything cos its not worth it now with only a week to go I want to loose as much as poss this week, but i was sooo bored and in such a mood! I went for a run to try to pass time, but argghhh, every min seemed like an hour, i am just wishing the weekends away at the mo! But then today i feel brilliant and another day of LT has gone!

Only 9 days to go til refeed!

It really really really is a love hate relationship! :rolleyes:
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I know.. some days I feel so fantastic full of energy, then the next boom, tired sad hungry lol.. it seems friday is an especially bad day, I think about everyone out having drinks dancing etc and food, but with each friday it is getting easier sort of.. I love lipotrim some days hate it the next, its up and down isnt it.... good luck with th enext few days you have done really well!!!! x


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I get quite defensive of the LT programme when people find out that I am doing it. They are incredulous that no food is eaten and the usual 'oh that can't be good for you'. For me LT programme has been an ideal tool to lose weight without a lot of faffing about like other diets have.

My only gripe is the food dreams I have most nights. I wake up cheesed off with myself for eating a roast dinner and breaking the programme only to find that I haven't at all and I am still on track. One night I was even annoyed in a dream as I'd eaten a cream cake only to realise that it wasn't even real cream and was cursing in my sleep.

How funny eh!


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Ha ha. I had a food dream last night. Was so dissappointed in myself. But it took me a few moments this morning to realise that I had been dreaming. It was so real!! I was so relieved!!

I dont mind the food dreams if my brain still needs to think its scoffing!! As long as I dont!! It's funny how our minds cope with things like this though!

I also keep dreaming about puppies........... but I don't want to eat them.......... at least I hope I dont!!


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I was the same, gutted to come off LT. My advice would be to STICK TO THE FEFEED PROGRAMME like your life depended on it. I strayed off it slightly and am regretting it. I came off LT too soon also, I should have carried on another week or two so when I did put on those few pounds I would still be under goal and feeling comfortable about my weight. So I'm going back to 2 shakes and a meal.

Good luck over the next week and let us know how your doing with your weight loss.


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i totally have food dreams too and im so shocked that ive cheated and sometimes i take a while to realise i havent hahaha so glad its not just me

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