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My maintence diary (critizim, advice and kicks up the arse welcome)


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decided to keep this on my blog so i can keep an eye on what i eating and excersing

so today 31st aug !

entry 11am
2 wheetabix low fat milk & canterl 4 pts (i think)
1 1/2 slice of brown bread toasted with skim of butter 1 point (i think)
1ltr of water
3 coffees

Entry 2pm
Spicey chicken fillet wrap with low fat mayo & salad 6points ( i think)
1 coffee

entry 9pm
home made chicken soup 1 point
multigrain roll 5pts
low fat youghart .5 pts
apple .5 points
3 coffees
2lt water

20 min vibro plate
45 min wii fit
points 4.5

total points 18pts
less -4.5

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hi have not been on forum much but getting on well i think

eating 2 lots of carbs a day like a tortilla wrap, or lynn seed & soya bread, mainly with chicken or tuna & salad, and eating 2 wheatabix for breakie
only drinking about 2 ltrs of water but not having any fizzy drinks
doin between half hour and hr of wii fit every night,
have not eatin crisps sweets or cakes

so doin ok i think



A little of everything!
Well, if you're sts then you're doing fine! LOL!
Make sure you have some protein at each meal to stave off hunger pangs in between meals (it helps me?) and help keep your muscle strong, and vary the salad/veg ingredients to get a wide range of nutrients. Just a thought? I'm no expert!
thanks guy's,

we make this thing called "healthy breakfast " at work, its musili, low fat natural yoghart and fresh fruit salad on top, its in a plastic glass like a smoothie glass, and i had 1 yest it was lovely, i figure its about 5 points thou(i know ye dont count points) but 2 wheatabix & milk is only 3, but i had it about 11yest morn and then a chicken fillet on linseed and soya bread, and then last night i ate a pork chop a full plate of califlour & cheese sauce made with low milk, i find i'm not picking thru the day which is great, the bread is very very filling and low gi!


Life is not a Rehersal!
You seem to be doing great Nicolas....that healthy breakfast is what I used to have...love fruit, yoghurt and some cereal in the morning..I was always full and had brekkie around 7:15am and didnt need lunch till way after 1 - 2pm..

I was always told to have variety each day rather than have the same thing. Do you like eggs? Maybe have an egg one morning as this is good protein.

You really are doing good and with all the exercise too! Well done....
thanks scots so glad to have u back!!

had lovely roast chicken dinner last night loads of veg and 1 potato was hungry about 9 thou so ate a sandwich with just green salad on it with the lynnseed bread its lovely porb shouldn't eat it at night thou because it is very filling,
ya i come into work at 6 and go home at 8 to get kids ready for school so trying to have breakfast with them in monings, think i'll have a poached egg and slice of that lynnseed toast this morning ;)
well had some weekend of it, the weather was fab, was out sat night course ate sandwiches and coctail sausages,and about 10 coors light! then was at a show yest, ate my lynseed bread toasted for breakie but had a burger and curry chips at show, didnt eat again and didnt have any fizzy drinks but drank loads of water,
so dont feel too bad! have a conference this weekend so think i'll use my maintence shakes this week 2 a day and 1 meal just so i dont feel bloated and can lookforward to wearing my dresses this weekend,

goin to hotel friday afternoon and have hot sone massage booked for sat at 330 bringing book sooooooooo looking forward to it

hope every1 well ;)


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Nicholas

At least you knew when to stop which is good and that is no doubt something you have learnt from losing your weight!! Well done you....

I think you will do fine on the 2 shakes/1 meal; I found it ok last week as I didnt need to be so strict with milk and could have a coffee, etc, which makes a big difference.

You are doing so well and keeping yourself busy and on the go, which is so important!

Have a great week and hope the conference goes well too.

Take care
will c!, had 1 shake and 1 meal today so will have soup this eve with kids, think i'll go shopping thus eve then keep me motivated !!
You will be fine. Thats all I do when I have over-eaten on some days, just cut back for a day or two afterwards and it seems to even itself out.

Enjoy the weekend and the massage.


Life is not a Rehersal!
You know, I think the bloatedness is a good thing!!! hahah..because it makes us cut back - eh! Can you imagine if we just kept eating and felt good....I think that is a good sign cause you then want to cut back the next few days. - JUST MY WEE FOOD THOUGHT FOR THE DAY :)


Positivity is the key
glad things seem to be going well for you. It's good to see people maintaining after Lt, gives me great hope. I joined WW today and my goal set is 4 stone away but like LT going to take it one week at a time. Need to read all your successes to keep me motivated.
Scots, ya you right, the soya & lynseed bread has 2 ww points each slice which is alot for bread, but its low gi, and i find it really filling<

Doirin, have you been at ww before? i lost 2 or 3 stone on it years and years ago, i doing it online this time, writing down my points on a diary thing online, i think its great, thou i cannot beleive the points i'm allowed eat! thou i have to say i'm eating all of them!


Positivity is the key
Hi Nicolas,
I did W.W. several years ago between children but they got in the way and my excuse to eat was delightful. One of those people who loved being pregnant, legitimate reason to look heavier.
I too struggle with the ammount of points I am allowed and have only had half of them some days as I still have the maintenance bar as a meal replacement. It will come right though. I go to a class with my mother now and first one was good, enthusiastic leader, which helps a lot. The online W.W. is supposed to be good though, glad you are enjoying it.

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