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Extra Easy My menus for this week

OK - here goes - my menus for this week will be as follows...

TUESDAY - BBQ Bacon & Bean Soup - slowcooker

WEDNESDAY - Beef Steak, Chips, Petit pois and Peppercorn Sauce

THURSDAY - Korma Style Veg Dhal and wedges

FRIDAY - Gammon, Chips, Eggs and Beans

SATURDAY - PICNIC at Knockhatch - will all be SW friendly

SUNDAY - Quorn Sausages, pots, veg, Gravy - 2.5 syns Yorkshire puds x 2 - 4 syns

MONDAY - Jacket potato and tin mean Beanz
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Looks good! might have to steal some ideas from that list!! Thursday sounds nice would love the recipe!!!


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I love the korma style veg dahl. I've made that a lot recently and take it to work for lunch, much to the office's distress due to the smell of curry!!
Personally I am not keen on the Korma Veg Dhal but when made last time I made too much so this is my frozen left over..... :(
The soup I have sitting in my slowcooker ready for tomorrow - 2 tins baked beans, good sprinkling of BBQ seasoning, 2 leeks, 1 onion, 1 sweet potato, some beef oxo stock, and some chopped bacon - oh and a pinch of mustard powder................ dunno what the hell it will taste like but here goes.....LOL - should be edible at the least - was a "whats left from last weeks shopping soup" :)
I am going to be upping my superfree foods after reading a different thread on general board... I do EE from home and was never aware of the importance of the superfree foods.
Thanks for the tips
Beans and peas are not superfree jlw. They are free on green and EE.
Yes they are superspeed but this does not make them superfree.

Superfree is all veg except peas, beans, sweetcorn, parsnips and potatoes and all fruit.
I think on days when I just cannot really stand superfree veg with my meals I will 'be naughty' and have the bowl of fruit afterwards as been told this is ok to do instead with non-superfree meals like for example Beans on Toast etc..... BUT in future will aim my meals to include salads, broccoli etc.....
Thanks for the tips everyone
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New to the site and EE but not to SW. Trying to get my head around EE, which is the plan I am following. Soooooo, do I have to fill my plate with 1/3 veg just at teatimes or lunch too?
Thanx in advance, this site is really helping with all my queries! :D


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I have been doing SW for many years now, but only just starting to do EE.

When I spoke to my consultant about this plan and the 'fill your plate with 1/3 veg' rule, she did say it was recommended but NOT necessary.

So now I'm confused. Tonight I was going to have ham, egg, SW chips and beans on EE BUT none of this is superfree food, and I've got nothing in to add to the meal that is superfree. According to my consultant, this meal is fine, but according to most of you guys on here I shouldn't be eating this....... who is right?????

BTW, I am going to have this for my tea anyway as I've nothing else in, but I would like to know for the future.
It was recommended until the start of this year. When the books changed, the rules around EE changed. The superfree foods changed (not eggs, cottage cheese, quorn etc) and the third rule became part of the meal.
However, on their website SW say it is not always possible to have a third superfree - eg eggs, chips and beans and this is okay as long as you have lots of superfree throughout the day and for your other meals.
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This is all very confusing after reading this post. Carolyn my consultant told me it was fine to have meals that didn't include superfree foods (I have jacket potato/cottage cheese very regular for lunch) but to make sure I either have a salad/bowl of fruit either as an afternoon snack. So on a typical day I would have Banana & fat free yogurt for breakfast, jacket pot/cottage cheese for lunch, large dish of strawberries,banana & grapes with f/f yogurt as a snack, and then a tea that has plenty of superfree....is this ok girls?? My weight loss has slowed over the last fews weeks, it's still coming off but just not as fast as I would like.
Quote taken from the SW website

we do recommend that you have one third of a plate of Superfree Food at every mealtime - however we know that sometimes it might be tricky to achieve that, for example, adding a salad to fish and chips may seem an odd combination, or having some boiled carrots with beans on toast! So we would wholly recommend having that Superfree Food with your meal - but if there are occasions when it just doesn't quite work, then as long as you're still having plenty of Superfree Food during the day, and enjoying loads of Free Food to fill up on at mealtimes, it won't harm your weight loss

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