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My MIL is Coming, Will She Notice?

Well it looks like my MIL is coming to town in 15 days. Although she's been nice about it (and I do love her) she tends to hassle me about my weight a little bit.

I've lost 26 lbs since I started CD, and a total of 31 lbs from my highest weight.

Do you think that she'll notice?

I am still wearing the same size clothes that I wore when she was visiting last June.

Heck, is anyone going to notice? Yesterday a friend I hadn't seen in a while stopped by the house. She's super health-conscious, and I figured she (of all people) would notice.

Nope, she made no comment at all.


I would think that 31 lbs would make a difference in the way my clothes fit, but so far, nope!
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Congrats on the weight loss
Are your clothes slightly baggy if so get something little more fitted or even a different colour to what you would normally wear. What about a new hair cut as well. That should get you noticed.

My trousers have become soo baggy I had to get new ones, only got cheap ones as I plan on loosing more weight.
Congrats on the weight loss
Are your clothes slightly baggy
Thanks for the congratulations. I appreciate them.

Believe it or not, nothing is loose. Nothing has become baggy or saggy. For all the weight my scale is claiming I've lost, I'm not noticing that I've changed very much in clothing size.


can see the end in sight!
it took two stone (28lbs) for my clothes to sag and 3 stone before the comments came flooding in. You will get there! And once one person notices,everyone does! You can't shut them up about it!


Laugh, love, live!
Just remember honey that you are doing all this for YOU not for the approval of anyone else. You'll be fine, whether they notice or not you know the truth and thats all that matters at this stage xx
Oh that does seem odd.
Are you doing any form of exerise - I have been walking to help, on the treadmill and out in the fresh air.
We all loose our weight from different parts of our bodies - my ankles are not as fat, my wrist isnt as big as my watch strap is loose.
You have done the hardest part as you have started the diet, keep up the good work, you have 15 days before your MIL turns you. She will notice.


Slimming for my children
Yea when i did lighterlife before a few years back it took 3 and a half stone for anyone to notice!!! I am now 6 stone heavier lol so god knows when people will notice.
Well done Oinkstop thats a great weight loss and you still have two weeks to go until she arrives. My weight was lower to start with but it still took 2 stone for people to say something. I agree with the comment that you are doing this for you not her. Im sure she will notice though :)

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