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my milky coffee and atkins

hi. i am thinking of starting atkins diet tomorrow. it sounds to me less restrictive than Ducan. at least i can eat more variaties of poultry , sausages,etc . also it`s good to have some greens with my fish or chicken.
my only problem is that i have to give up the milk completely. i love my coffee and hate it black.
i am sorry for being so ignorant but could someone advice for atkins or ducan in this case. i need to lose a stone as quick as possible. i am going to my sis`s wedding, the dress is here but there is no way i can fit into it.
thanks u very much
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do you like cream in your coffee ? i have milk in my morning coffee and last thing at night ....... the rest black can you do that ? xx


Clean green leafy machine
I use unsweetened soya milk, give it a try
ok. i still think i will give it a go tomorrow. i should check with this website before i took any decision. i just found out about this website today.
there is some greens pertimtted, right? i was just thinking if i could eat seafood sticks as well. i love them, but they are crab meat substitute and i read somewhere we shoud avoid surimi stuff.
i will do as you suggest. will have only 1 coffee in the morning with milk, and then black. still can use sweeteners?
and then , may be can of tuna ,and few green leavs at midday, and nay be the same in the evening. i will read more from the forum, because so far i really have no idea how to start and to not give up.
thanks a lot
'some tuna and a few greens' twice a day will not give you enough fat content in your diet!

your body needs the fat to use as fuel and to stimulate it to use the fat store as fuel.
Yes, you'd be better having some bacon in the morning, tuna mayo and greens for lunch and a pork chop with fat on and veggies in the evening, as an example. You don't need to eat too much but you do need to eat high fat and not too low calorie, what you're suggesting - coffe, 2x tuna and lettuce would be a very low calorie restriction diet, not Atkins.

Why don't you buy a copy of the book and give it a read before you start, then you'll feel more ready.

Also, when is your sister's wedding? With your already low bmi you're not going to lose as fast as people with a few stone to shift. To be honest you should probably not do induction for long and start on OWL fairly soon.
15.03. i need to fit into a dress. but i need to lose a stone not just for the party. i know that my bmi is not high. but trust me, it is a kind of not realistic. i don`t weigh much because of my bone structure. i have very thin bones and narrow structure. i do have fat depos. you know what i mean, the salami stomach!!! arms ;( my legs and bottom are usually lean.
i am getting a bit confused with ducan may be. i got atkins book and read it before but that time i decided it`s too hard for me to stay away from my milky coffee. so silly, i know.
i finally have no problems to avoid carbs and i am ready to try it this time.
so i will mix the tuna with some green onion? and add some mayo. for the later snack will eat turkey and chicken slices. and will keep reading your posts. it`s a great motivation and i can`t tell you how much i appreciate it
Have you tried the dress on? Do you really need to loose that much?
i am 2 sizes larger

Have you tried the dress on? Do you really need to loose that much?
yes. i always used to be size 6, rarely i would waer size 8 tops. at the moment my size is 10. this is what i meant when i said that my bone structure is misleading. 1 stone extra and 2 dress sizes bigger. i am not a fan of skinny models. i have never been skinny myself. but my usual weight is 8 st, at the moment i am 9 st.
and it sucks;(
If it was me and i really had to get into something I would go back to shakes for 2 weeks with a guarenteed weightloss.
Good luck
thanks. i`ve never really considered this kind of shake diets. and to ne honest i don`t know much about them either. i have to read and think about . but as you said I DO love food too

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