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My mouth is watering for food


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Do NOT do it! If you do your head will blow up like a balloon and pop, spilling your brains everywhere, very messy! :copon: lol


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Lol. Thank you Paula.

I just can't shake this feeling today.

I will be starting my 4th week, I can't understand why I am feeling like this. I should be over the worst of the cravings by now.


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Its not nice is it? Even though I was only on week 1 - when I did eat, it felt horrible, I felt horrible. I sat and cried for a few hours over how stupid I am and how id totally f'd it up. It doesnt help at all, it makes life 100 times harder. Keep going, you CAN do it!!!x


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I know what you mean, I had a terrible day yesterday with cravings and I am literally dribbling at the smell of my hubby cooking bacon right now! But it just isn't worth it. As soon as you cave in, it's the start of that slippery slope, next thing you know you've put 10lbs on and all your hard work has been in vain.

Go and make yourself busy, do something you've been putting off for a while, do something you enjoy - I took up knitting, very easy to teach yourself with YouTube lol, have a bath, try out some new hairstyles/make up/nail polish, have a foot soak & look after your poor feet, sort out your wardrobe in preparation for chucking those clothes out that will be too big soon... just anything to get you though tonight, you will feel good in the morning knowing that you didn't eat! You've done so bloody well... honestly you can do it!! xxx


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i know exactly how you feel hun.... im going through the same thing at the moment. its killing me, im just starting the 3rd week. im trying to find anything... ANYTHING!! that will take my mind off the F word! lol x


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Same here at the moment :( We MUST stay strong though. If there's anything I've learnt from my time doing TFR, it's that these moments do pass and it does become easier again. Just like during the first week, we have to hold on tight and get through them. Our reward will be waiting for us on the scales :)



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I attended a family birthday buffet on Thursday evening.
I cannot describe how i was feeling with all the lovely food laid out and everyone tucking in. It was hell and so tempting to just have a couple things but i didn't.
My niece made me a black coffee and i sat and sipped slowly at that.
Before i knew it, all the plates were going in the bin and the last bits of food tidied away.
The cravings stopped and i had such a feeling of happiness and pride that i resisted.
It's made me realise just how serious i am about changing my life now.
Now into week 3 and it's much much easier for me.
Good luck xx


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I have some chicken after I've worked out as both me and hubby are absolutely starving after an hour or so at the gym. Spoke to the pharmacist about this and she told me that it's no problem as long as you're eating protein.


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I have been eating a bit of extra protein too. Poached fish. Just to get me thru my 60 hr work week, have been battling a virus too, really seems to help, tho its not something i want to do all the time, hoping it wont damage my losses. Been 100% apart from that. Feels very naughty, but when u are doing 12 hr work days early nights etc are not an option. Neither is peeing every 20 mins. Especially when 5 of them hours ur working alone.