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My Name is Danny

Hi my name is Danny i am 15, 16 in February and i am worried about my weight i have started to put it on since i was 10 and it has never dropped. I currently weigh 17st and my height is 5 foot 8" I know I'm overweight and really need to loose it, i have come here looking for advice and tips.
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I try i don't eat much veg or fruit to be honest i think its the amount i eat, maybe there is so healthy means that are cheap as we don't have the extra cash to buy healthy meals.
Lots of supermarkets are doing cheap fruit & veg at the moment so its worth looking out for offers, but if you dont like them....
sounds like you maybe need to reduce your portion size a bit. try doing it gradually you'll be surprised how quickly your body adapts
thanks for the advice i will check out the stores etc, what about drinkign water if you feel hungry still?
That can help, all diets seem to encourage you to keep up your fluid intake.
Have to admit tho that in the winter I prefer warmer drinks like plenty of tea (using skimmed milk) and black coffee.
In the summer I can drink loads of water but it's just tooooo cold now !!
diet pops can also help fill you up but I've heard few people saying this seems to slow their weight loss so I tend to limit these.
I guess you have to try a variety of things til you find the one that suits you best.
No i generally don't get time for breakfast as i wake up, wash and go to school i occasionaly get brekfast on the weekends.
Yeah I never go without breakfast. If you need something fast try one of the healthier cereal bars or a yoghurt/piece of fruit. You can eat these on the move if need be


I know I can do it..
hi Danny,

you've come to the right place hun, you'll have all the support you want here, whichever diet you choose to follow.

Good luck hun, hope it all works out for you xx
Thanks everyone all this is really helping me i will be buying fruit and eating 1 piece at lunch and having 1 for breakfast then having a main meal.
Hey Danny, welcome. We're the same age :) Similar situation as well; I started gaining weight when I was 10, and never bothered to diet/was in denial about it until now.

Minimins is great for support; I'm sure you'll find the diet that suits you in no time. :)
see danny, you've been on here for an hour or so and how much help and advice have you had already ?? You can do this, good luck on day 1 tomorrow, let us know how you do
Hiya danny and welcome to the forum, as everyone else has stated breakfast is the most important meal of the day and best not to miss out on it. Regarding advice and support ya have defintely come to the right place to get it. What diet plan are ya following? There are so many diets on this website that I am sure people will answer your questions for ya. If ya think your portion sizes are too large maybe ya should think about a cutting them down and adding more fruit and veg, water is also a good source for weight loss and tricks the brain to thinking that your full. All the best with everything and your first week, I look forward to reading your success over the next couple of weeks, take care

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