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my official weigh in

well not as good as i thought but still a loss... i lost 7lb :D but now im really struggling. i was at a friends house and they made weight watchers sound so so appealing i just dont know what to do...

im disappointed that all i lost was 7lb but pleased i lost it. just feel i should have lost more after putting my body through that. i feel like a failure for even considering changing but im finding it difficult to picture my future without food in it compared to a big plate of veg that is point free which sounds great to me right now. i have posted on the ww forum. i dont know what to do...
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Congrats on your loss. I too was disappointed with my first loss, but it was all my own doing, I cheated big style the day and night before weighin - how mad am I!! I suppose you have to ask yourself what you think is best. I mean I cant imagine Cambridge is the first diet you have ever tried and I woudl guess you have prob tried weightwatchers and all sorts before now? if so ask yourself what makes you think doing it this time will be any different to than before? Maybe give yourself one more week on cambridge and see how your body adjusts then make your decision? whatever you choose, 7lbs is fab loss, be proud and well done!


nearly there!! :)
i lost 8.5lbs in the first week on ll too and will admit i was disheartened a little piece...now 7weeks down the line i have lost 31.5lbs!! it all adds up!!
i was on ww nearly 3 years and i no i messed about a bit but i still only lost 2st on it!

u obviously decided to start THIS diet for a reason hunni, and u didnt do it for nothing. the hardest week is week 1, after that ive found ive slipped into ll life so easy cant imagine going back to ww!!
think hard first before u choose to stop it cause not being ignorant but how easy is it to say well just eat salad etc but i no i wouldnt be in th position im in if i could!!
i need this diet to re educate me and my body about food!! good luck with what ever u choose though xxx
I lost 7lbs in my first week too, and was really pleased with that. The question is what kind of person/dieter are you? Would you have a tendency to overeat on WW? Do you need to cut food out of the equation? If not, there is always the halfway house of CD with food, such as 810?
apart from doing it on my own this is officially the first diet ive tried. i think i would be able too control it cause all ive really craved is healthy food i dont eat crisps or chocolate but im a big sucker for diet coke and the odd chinese. i think i needed a big adjustment to my portions but dont feel like i should have totally cut food out the equasion but if i didnt i proberly wouldnt have realised that i control my intake of food and its been greed before. i have a new found respect towards food i just dont want to make the wrong desision. at this moment i am drawn more towards ww and somehow feel i would succeed more on ww. im going to have a little word with hubby tonight about it all cause his word is final... yes im doing this for me but i dont want him to think of me as a failure or be dissappointed in me. he is my encouragement. wow starting to tear up here how silly is that!!!
oh id just like to add that ive stuck to this 100% and for my first week ever on a strict diet im extemely proud of that & at the weekend im a delivery driver for the chinese and not once was i craving it even when hubby was eating my free meal lol x
Well done for sticking to it 100% for your first week. I read somewhere on here that our weight loss works on a 10 day cycle. If you have stuck 100% that means you'll get a good loss next week as well.
Hi All - I only lost 5lbs on my first week and I did not cheat...so in my eyes you all have done brilliant...
7lbs a week is 1 stone every fortnight; if I can get that kind of loss in a week, I'll be so far over the moon you'll think I'm a jumping cow!

(yes, go on, think back to the ryhme in your head, I'll wait......did you get it? hooray! :D )
7lb is awesome, half a stone! Well done you x

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