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My PM box is full - help


Gone fishing
There's a few different ways.

To save before deleting

Go to your inbox.

You may want to save them first. Near the bottom is a button for "download all private messages as" Pick what you want :D

To delete

Near the top it says 'folder controls'
You have X messages stored, of a total 500 allowed (empty folder).

Click on the empty folder link :clap:

Do the same for your sent messages
(click on jump to folder...then find 'sent')


Gone fishing
If you wish to prune messages rather than delete them all.

Click on the box beside the messages you want to delete

Scroll down to the dark blue bar at the bottom where it says 'selected messages...go'

Pick 'delete' and press go :)


Queen of the Damned
PM are private messages. Once you have made approx 50 points, it's a membership privilege :)

Thanks, as always!!! Hope you are on top form. Tried to give you some more rep' power but you have too much! LOL! Here's another question that I posted elsewhere - how do I add those faces???



Gone fishing
Here's another question that I posted elsewhere - how do I add those faces???
The smilies?? eg:p;):eek::confused: or the mood things that go under your avatar?

Okay....assuming it's the smilies. When you reply to a message, you'll see various faces to the right of the box. Just click on anyone you want and it'll insert itself.:cool:

If you have no faces to the right of the box, then unfortunately, you have broken the internet and the whole world will come to a standstill:cool::cool:

The mood smilie is under the bit at the top where it says "Welcome Mrs Lard".

Okay, it doesn't say that on mine because I'm not Mrs Lard :D It just says "you again:(" :D

Just under that bit is change mood link. Click on that and change your mood;)

I'm moodless at the moment as there isn't one for comatosed.
Let's see if this works. I normally do post quick reply but there were no smilies. :sigh:

So I am trying 'Reply to Thread' :confused: to see if that works.

If it does, happy days :D

If it doesn't, I am officially :eek: (embarrassed)! LOL!

Karion - you are so funny! You really are! :cool:

Let's see what happens....

Mrs Lxxxx ;)

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