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My pregnancy diary! :)

12 weeks today in my third pregnancy, although it is the first one where I have really tried to control my weight gain. At this stage with my first I had gained 8lbs, with my second 6 lbs and now: 3 lbs! :)

I have no intention to lose or not gain weight, but if I could gain a normal amount rather than the 3 1/2 stone I put on last time, then I would be very happy! 2 stone would be PERFECT!

Also, DD was 9lbs 7 oz, followed by DS at 10 lbs 7 oz so I am 'due' an 11 lbs 7 oz baby at this rate! Hoping my restricting my weight gain will mean a normal sized baby too!! Here's hoping!

ATM I am following Slimming World, and trying to stay the same as I am still in my first trimester. As soon as I enter the second I will aim for small weekly gains.

I will track my progress here and will be grateful for any support and motivation you can offer - I will need it!
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Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Hey hun, sounds like you're doing fab with your weight gain during the pregnancy so far.
Also, congrats on reaching 12 weeks! :D xxx
Oh dear, I think you better hold your weight related congrats back until I actually succeed, LOL! Have had a pretty disastrous weekend, with DH's birthday box of chocolates (Hotel Chocolat - how could I resist), cinema trip, and then we went to IKEA and I had fish and chips there and some Daim in the car on the way home! Gulp! So that is 4 days not just off the SW diet, just pretty much off the charts. Oh well, let me draw a line under that:

OK, fresh start. Today I have had:

B: Branflakes with 1/2 HE milk
L: Couscous with raw stir fry veg and soy sauce
S: Oranges and apple
D: Couscous with veg and spices, Moroccan Lamb Stew (a couple of syns, but mostly ok)

Apple, 2 finger kit kat, couple of Ritz crackers with low fat cheddar (other 1/2 HE plus a bit more...)

And please let me have the willpower to not eat any more syns today!!!

Weigh in on Wednesday, which is also officially the end of my first trimester, so I want to STS which would keep my 1st trimester gain reasonable!


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Awww, just take each day as it comes. :) xxx We're all still behind you xxx


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ha. one day at a time hon. as long as you get back on track then no worries. you're pregnant. you can't be good ALL the time. you'd go mad!!
Aw, thanks girls!

Have been better today:
B: 42 g bran flakes with skim milk (HE)
L: Couscous with a little bit of Moroccan Lamb Stew (left over from last night, but just a tiny bit of lamb - like 1-2 tbs including the tomato and veg sauce) and ratatouille (how many syns?)
S: 2 satsumas and 1 apple, 1 HE portion of light cheddar
D: Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Curry (1 syn)

Need to check on the HEs. Not sure if I can have milk and cheese on what turned out to be a green day... I was doing EE but missed my HE so I may go back to green and red days... Or do green/red on my gym nights (Tues and Thu) as I then eat separately from the family anyway.

OK, reading my book today I have had the following HEs:
-milk A
-branflakes B
-cheese A
-lamb (although only 1/2 HE, I recon) B

So that is ok then since I am allowed 2 of each! Right???

Which means I have only had a few syns (>5) so can grab one of those two finger Kit Kats, LOL! :D

Oh, managed a trip to the gym today too. Did 30 min on the treadmill (with walking break in the middle as a friend came up to chat, LOL), 10 min on the bike and then weights for 20 min.
Argh!! I fell for the chocolate temptation again last night! Once I start, I cannot stop! Why oh why did I have some last Thursday??? Paid for my syns by gaining a pound this week...

Anyway, have been better today:

B: 2 eggs, apple, WW yogurt - all superfree

L: vegetable curry and couscous

S: Apple and orange

D: Curry made with quorn and veg, rice, 2 small pieces of naan (each about the size of my mobile, LOL)

Late: 3 small pieces of Daim, 3 ritz crackers.

HE: a bit of milk for teas, a nibble of cheese whilst cooking lasagne for tomorrow. Not quite my allowance, I recon.

Forgot about the naan so I may have overused my syns...ops! Or can I use naan as HE??? (Wishful thinking!?)

Just finished making 2 huge lasagnes and 1 pot of Bolognese sauce. I used 3 packs of extra lean mince, 2 packs of Quorn mince, 4 celery sticks, 8 carrots, 5 onions, 4 tins of chopped tomatoes and 2 big bottles of passata, so they are low fat and SW friendly! Can't wait to have some tomorrow. Will save my HEX for the milk and cheese in the sauce and on top.


wannabe yummy mummy
Do SW issue guidelines on how much you should be gaining or do they still expect you to be losing? I keep thinking I should be doing something structured but I know I wouldn't be able to stick to it 100%
You're doing so well and you sound very organised! :)
I am not really sure - I think they do not tell you to lose anything, but I am just doing it at home using a friend's old book. I know you are supposed to have extra healthy extras (e.g. milk and cheese) when you are breastfeeding, so I do not quite see why we shouldn't when we are pg as well.... Anyway, I use their programme as a guideline rather than as a strickt diet. I will happily gain 2 stone, so if I have a few extra bits here and there that should be ok. Mostly it is helping me not pigging out on sweet bread and pastries like I did last time, LOL .

Today I had:
B: Branflakes and milk
L: Butternut squash and sweet potato curry
S: 2 Apples, 1 WW yogurt
D: Lasagne and salad

I am sure I will find a snack in a little while.... No chocolate left though, so cannot go for that again!
urgh, I have caught the tummy bug that has been doing rounds around here.... Had to leave work as I sick repeatedly. I hate being ill when pg - can never take any meds!

Have only had half a bag of grapes to eat during the day, and just now managed to eat a cinnamon swirl - it was all I fancied and could face, so I went with it. Feeling slightly better now and hope to wake up back to normal tomorrow.
I am so proud of myself - had a big cooking session today, and made among other things raisin buns and homemade pizza but I did not eat it! Instead, I had a bowl of vegetable curry (made huge pot full to freeze for lunches) and an apple! :D Pre-SW I could easily have split 3 of those buns open whilst they were still hot, put butter on it and eaten it before I had a time to think about it! Better this way!

Had a disatrous day yesterday as I failed to realise the Wetherspoon burger I had for lunch was 60 1/2 syn (!!!) but have been 100% on plan today, so hopefully back on track.


wannabe yummy mummy
Hope you're feeling better now. If you're at a loose end you can come and fill my freezer too lol
Hehe, I am getting a new freezer in a couple of days, so I will have twice the capacity I have now, so it may take me a while to fill up!

Resisted cake in the office today! :D Even though my colleague sitting next to me kept on talking about it and them smiling and going "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" whilst eating it under my nose! Little so and so!

Today I have had:

B: Roll, 2 pears, WW yogurt, 1/2 HE milk with espresso

L: a little rice (about 2 heaped tbs boiled rice), with butternut squash and sweet potatoes, 2 boiled eggs, apple

D: Pasta with tomato sauce and salad, 2 satsumas, Kit Kat (gotta have some treats, right?)

S: milk in tea during the day

Now comes my downfall - evening time snacking! Have some light cheese (HE) and yogurts - unless someone ate them all, which is a good possibility in this house!
Weighed myself today and am still at +3lbs for this pregnancy, having this week lost what I gained the week before. :D

Bought all the ingredients for the Thai stirfry recipe in my SW cookbook today, as I have been craving Thai. SO looking forward to dinner tomorrow!


wannabe yummy mummy
How many weeks are you now? (You need a ticker!) 3lbs gain is fab for going into second tri, you should be dead pleased with yourself.
Enjoy your stir fry :)
Thanks, girls! Made a ticker just for you, Vicky! I am 14+1 today.

Managed a trip to the gym today, but 12 min on the side stepper thingy, 25 minutes on the treadmill and a few weights was all I could muster. No sit ups, obviously ;) Would be a waste of time at this point.

Had a naughty cinnamon swirl for breakfast today, but it was a low fat homemade version, no icing, so I am sure I can almost pass it off as a HEX. :rolleyes: Had milky coffee and an orange too. Then I had cous cous, 2 eggs and ratatouille style sauce for lunch, a pear and an apple in the afternoon and Thai stirfry for dinner. Just had a Magnum style ice cream (Tesco's own version) so I am sure that is about 13 syns gone, but I enjoyed it! :D

Now watching a "Eight boys and wanting a girl" on C4. I am pleased I have one of each, but not sure I would be desperate enough to go for a ninth baby! :eek:
OK, so here is my SW day:
BF: 2 Alpen light bars (HE), pear, plum

L: Couscous, vegetable sauce, 1 boiled egg (left overs, can you tell, LOL!), Orange

D: Sausages (total 2 syns), mash, peas, a tiny bit of gravy and a bit of ketchup - probably 4 syns all in all???. Small slice of sponge cake - 4 syns?

One small glass of wine (double naughty!!) and some Thai rice crackers. No idea of syns, but hopefully not more than 20 in total over the day!

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