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my propoints diary

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Food Diaries' started by Gwenllian, 24 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Gwenllian

    Gwenllian Well-Known Member

    I started back to WW and am doing propoints from day 1

    2 ww sausages (2) cooked in tinned chopped tomatoes, chopped onions and 2 oxo cubes (1), 135g potatoes (6), cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts, carrots and swede

    bowl of salad - tomato, cucumber, leaves, celery, radish all cut up and topped with 1.5 tbspns Hellmanns fat free vinaigrette

    30g ham (1), 2 Baby Bels (4), 2 WW wholemeal bread (4), cucumber, ww crisps (2)

    2 Kitkats (6), banana

    I make that 26 points (with thanks for the pp for the vinaigrette)

    Hope I am correct.
    Last edited: 25 February 2014
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  3. Gwenllian

    Gwenllian Well-Known Member

    84g bacon medallions (2.1), 2 ww sausages (2), 1 slice wholemeal ww bread (2), 2 fresh tomatoes, button mushrooms, egg (2)

    bread (2) 30g light Philli cheese (1)

    tin ww veg soup (3) danish ww bread (1) + philli (1)

    2 kitkats (6) ww cheese puffs (2)

    2 danish ww bread (2) 2 slices ww cheese (2) cucumber, tomato and leaves all made into a sarnie

    total = 28.1

    am allowed 35 + weekly ones
    Last edited: 25 February 2014
  4. Gwenllian

    Gwenllian Well-Known Member

    I lost 6 lbs this week - my first week. I chose to do pro points as that would teach me portion sizes :)
  5. Gwenllian

    Gwenllian Well-Known Member

    Wednesday 26,2,2014


    half a jar tomato and garlic ww sauce (2), 40g dried weight pasta (3 ?), 2 quorn Chef's sausages (6), peppers and onions

    2 bread (2), 2 slices ww cheese (2), 40g ham (1.5 ?), tomato and cucumber

    2 kitkats (6)

    2 Toasts (2), 30g Philli (1)

    total = 25.5
  6. Gwenllian

    Gwenllian Well-Known Member

    Thursday 27.2.2014

    Banana ww crisps (2)

    Pasta thingy as yesterday but used a leek instead of onions (11)

    2 kitkats (6) 2 mallow biscuits (2) ww crisps (2)

    ham/cheese sarnie as yesterday (5.5)

    2 toast (2) 30g Philli (1)

    total = 31.5
  7. Gwenllian

    Gwenllian Well-Known Member

    Friday 28 Feb 2014


    2 ww sausages (2), bread (1), egg (2), tomato, medallions (3), button mushrooms

    2 kitkats (6)

    40g ham (2), ww sliced cheese (2), bread (2), tomato and cucumber, 2 ww crisps (4)

    total = 24
  8. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Well-Known Member

    Hi, I started on propoints on Tuesday. Your first week's weight loss is really great, well done!

    How are you finding the diet? I'm really quite enjoying it so far.
  9. Gwenllian

    Gwenllian Well-Known Member

    Diolch yn fawr. I live in South Wales but am not a fluent speaker of Welsh. I love ww as nothing is forbidden. I found that meringues were 1 pp and have eaten 5 today so far!! After today I won't go so mad but haven't had meringues for so long. I am allowed up to 35 pps a day but haven't needed that many so far.

    Good luck with your ww journey. Hope you have good losses.
  10. Gwenllian

    Gwenllian Well-Known Member

    Dydd Gwyl Dewi - 1st March 2014


    half a jar ww piri piri sauce (2), 2 quorn frozen sausages (2), bns, onions, baby mushrooms, sliced peppers,

    2 mallow biscuits (2)

    2 bread (2), 2 baby bel (4), cucumber and tomato made into a sarnie and eaten with ww crisps (2)

    2 bread (2) 45g Philli (1.5)

    2 kitkats (6)

    total = 23.5
  11. Shez__x

    Shez__x Well-Known Member

    well done on the fab loss :)
    u seem to be focused
  12. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Well-Known Member

    Thank you, you too. You are obviously doing it right anyway. I wouldn't worry about the meringues, as long as you enjoyed them. I think it's that kind of treat that spurs us on really.

    I'm not a welsh speaker at all and apparently I don't have an accent either despite having lived here all my life. Both of my parents were English though so that's probably the reason.

    Anyway, here's to another good weight loss week!
  13. Gwenllian

    Gwenllian Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I will be pleased if I lose a pound a week as I am disabled so get very little exercise.

    I am ashamed - no I am not - to say I ate all the meringues yesterday. Well now they are all gone and that is that.
  14. Gwenllian

    Gwenllian Well-Known Member

    Sunday 2 Mar 2014

    2 ww sausages (2), tinned tomatoes, oxos (2), chopped onions served with swede, carrots, leeks, sprouts, cabbage, 120g potatoes (3)

    2 bread (2), 30g philli (1) ww crisps (2)

    throughout day - 8 meringues (8) fresh raspberries, 90g ww cream (3), 2 kitkats (6)

    total = 29
  15. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Well-Known Member

    What are the ww sausages like? I wouldn't mind trying them as they're quite low.
  16. Gwenllian

    Gwenllian Well-Known Member

    I really enjoy them. My son has tried them and reckons that they are ok. Think he prefers other brands.
  17. Gwenllian

    Gwenllian Well-Known Member

    Monday 3.3.2014

    dinner as yesterday (7)

    fruit jelly, banana, ww cream (3), crumbled kitkat (3)

    3 Ryvitas (3) 30g Philli (1)

    ww Lasagne (7)

    2 kitkats (6) 2 mallow biscuits (2)

    total = 32
  18. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Well-Known Member

    Might get some then, thanks!
  19. Gwenllian

    Gwenllian Well-Known Member

    hope you enjoy them. x
  20. Gwenllian

    Gwenllian Well-Known Member

    Tuesday 4/3/2014


    dinner piri piri as Saturday (4) 2 mallow biscuits (2)

    ww quiche (7) tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, ww crisps (2) 2 baby bels (4)

    2 bread (2) 30g philli (1)

    total = 22
  21. Gwenllian

    Gwenllian Well-Known Member

    Wednesday 5.3.2014


    3* ww sausages (3), bread (1), egg (1), 3 medallions (3), button mushrooms, tomatoes

    1 mallow biscuit (1)

    4 ww cakes (8)

    3 bread (3), 30g philli (1), cucumber, ww cheesy puffs (2)

    2 plums

    total = 23

    * 3 sausages were too many - back to 2 next time

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