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my quest to be a yummy mummy!!!


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I'm Lisa,Im 30 been married for 5 years and have 2 beautiful children aged 3 and 1.I started weight watchers 3 weeks ago having been not very successful on sw. I never had a problem with weight until i had my children and i am now 3 stone heavier than I was when I got married. I am a bridesmaid in June and I would like to lose 2 stone or as near to it as i can. As i cant get into my dress at the moment! I am doing this diary to keep me on track as this will help me think about things. anyway thats enough waffling!:)
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today I've been at home with a poorly little girl so Ive been resisting the urge to pick at rubbish.

porridge with skimmed milk 2

chicken,bacon and mushroom pasta (homemade) 8.5


micro chips 2.5
bacon sandwich 5
marshmallow cone 2.5?


I am very pleased with my points used today, so hopefully the same again tomorrow.I havent been able to get any exercise done today as Ive been planted to the sofa by a clingy Evie but Ill have to do double. I got my new bellydancing dvd through today so I will try to attempt that tomorrow!xx

Mumma K

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Hello Lisa, lovely to have a new diary victim :D
hope your little lady is feeling better real soon
that belly dancing sounds good fun x


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morning everyone! well evie hasnt got a temp anymore but is still sleepy and cuddly so not herself at all. My son had chickenpox last week so I think thats what shes getting but no spots yet!NIkki I hope your little girl gets better soon. DH should be home quite early tonight so Ill try the belly dancing then.lol thatll be fun !! I need to get rid of this mummy puch I've got!
To eat today so far Ive had nothing... So when i can get off the sofa ill have porridge.
I'm going to do bangers and cheesy mash for tea tonight I think. Ive got my fave sausages so Im going to save my points for those tonight! have a good day everyone!! xxx


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just to post to remind myself how yuk I fel now. I ate 5 cookies for no reaon other than the biscuit tin was there.And my nan has just been round and bought me an iced bun from my favourite ever bakery.to make things worse i didnt really enjoy it! (what!!) I have gone completely off today and i havent even been walking to work this week as i would normally as i havent been in. I feel so rubbish and im nearly feeling like I may as well carry on eating rubbish today as ive done so already! get me out of this frame of mind someone please! xx


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hope little one feels better soon,
Don't blow it all, coming from an expert of throwing a day away, you may be over you points but if you're good for the rest of the day and the rest of the week it might not have a massive impact and it always makes me fear worse.


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Hey Lisa, finally had time to venture out too see new diaries!!! lol

Hope your having a great weekend and back on track!!!



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evening all! well miraculously yesterday i managed to stay under my points and even save 2 points! yay! Ive had a better day today - evie is a bit better shes more herself today however she appears to have chicken pox which explains the temp and sickness! Well I took a walk down to my nans today which is about a mile away just to get out and some fresh air.
Also went too asda to get some veggies and salmon to have instead of a chinese or pizza (yay Go me) so I had the salmon with roasted veggies (peppers, leek,onion, new potatoes and mushrooms)some garlic, Sprayed with frylight and sprinkled with herbs. It was lovely and the salmon was lovely too. Funny I would never have done that before Weight watchers! Heres my food for the day.
Breakfast/lunch (got up late)
Bacon sandwich 7.5

crisps 2
orange kit kat 2.5

Salmon 4
roast veggies 1
mini milk 0.5


ah thank you hun. She suits the name too. :) xx
Thanks Kally, shes a lot better than she was! I really enjoyed it and its nice not to feel guilty about my saturday night meal. I feel nicely satisfied and Im gonna have a chocolate frappachino from starbucks tomorrow with my saved points after hula hooping! xx
well today has been really good! This morning I went to my hula hoop class so I had porridge for brekkie. Me and my friend did go to starbucks and I had a small chocolate frappuchino as a treat with my saved points. I will count them in todays allowance though just to see if i went over. I made a butternut squash soup for my weeks lunches and I am feeling really positive today! Hope it lasts!

Porridge w skimmed milk 2

prawn cocktail (sauce made myself) and a mint choc skinny cow ice cream 6

Chicken breast stuffed with garlic philly and wrapped in bacon
micro chips
runner beans 7.5

french fries 1
chocolate creme frappuchino 6


Yay Im still in points anyway.
So with my activity points at the moment Ive still got 21.5 saved points!Yay!
i used 3 tablespoons of ketchup, 3 of light salad cream,worcester sauce and paprika it worked out about 3 points i think.
No probs hun!

Today has been a good one, Ive been at home with evie again all day as her pox is still coming up. Even though I only work over lunch I cant leave her when shes ill! Anyways I didnt pick or binge so im really pleased with myself!
I also signed up for the sport relief hoopathon and mile for the 21st of march. Ive got a lot of practising to do-Ive got to keep my hoop up for 2 minutes without dropping it! and gonna try and run the mile afterwards. (not while hooping!)
To eat today i have had

1 slice of toast
bacon x 2
Poached egg (5.5)

micro chips
2 x bread and lurpak (5.5)

bolognaise made with extra lean mince and own sauce (3)
pasta (2)
Cheese (1)
WW garlic ciabatta (3.5)
mini milk (0.5)

21.5/24 points.

I also did half an hour of wii fit plus and 10 minutes of just dance. Ive also practiced my hula hoop 2 minutes seems like a really long time! Anyway back to watch Glee! xx
ooh a 7 mile walk! wow! thants really good!where you doing that is it a sponsored one! I know some people dont think running a mile is much at all. But I am not a runner naturally so its my little target. :) SO I will be so pleased if i do manage it. Im really nervous about the hoopathon what if Im the one who drops the hoop and ruins the record!!
I know id rather evie have chicken pox now. Its just horrid seeing her suffer with it. She has eczma(sp?)and asthma anyway so it just aggrivated it all bless her mind you shes still quite happy most of the time. My son had it last week so it was expected that she will get it. I just feel bad because i seem to have been off work for the last 3 weeks.xx
Finally i got round to updating today. I have been really busy sorting through and tidying some boxes of rubbish that have been bugging me and i feel so much better now. I also got some hair extensions put in ready for my friends wedding on sat. Evie is feeling a lot better today, so i will be back at work tomorrow.
Points wise today has been really good. I need to try and save some everyday for the huge feast that i will be having at the wedding.

Poached egg 1.5
2 slices bread 2
lurpak 1

Snack a jacks chilli 1.5
snacka jacks Caramel 2
WW snacks 1
bit of fish 2

Salmon 4
roastveggies 1
mini milk 0.5


gonna use a few more up with a ht choc later.xx


Up for the challenge
Hey my dear. Welcome aboard (sorry for delay). Good luck with your WW journey. Looks like you are doing well so far. :D I'm sure you will get into your dress no problem and look fab! Have a good weekend. xxx

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