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My Route to Management

Hi Guys,

I haven't really been posting on here, more watching and learning from all your guys! I start route to management on Thursday and am both very excited and anxious at the same time.

I decided to keep this food diary and record my personal journey for 3 reasons

a) To get some support from you fine people as I'm sure I will need it!
b) For my own sanity, and something to distract me!
c) Hopefully I might manage to inspire some people who haven't yet reached this stage of their journey, and show that there is light at the end of the tunnel!

It is encouraging to see that a lot of you have still managed to lose some weight whilst on the programme and I still want to lose around 7 lbs (lost 63lbs so far :rolleyes:) , so here goes, Thursday here we come!
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Hi and welcome to the RTM club.

Good luck with your journey, it is exciting, but I have found, far more difficult than abstinence. Follow the plan though and you should be fine.
good luck for thursday
daisy x


...we're sinking deeper.
Heya! Welcome to the RTM club and beyond! This is the start of a very exciting chapter, take it in your stride and savour the experience.

Good luck! :)


Playing the Angel
Heya :)

Welcome to RTM, I'm pretty much a newbie, so it is fantastic to have a few other new starters about. It is so exciting and totally scary, but I think taking it each meal at a time is what it is all about. Cannot wait to read your journal. Thanks also for the lovely words.



Happy in my own skin
Hiya Deeds, good to have you on board. Well done on your losses so far...:)
Hi Good luck with your RTM journey. I'm in preparation for starting mine and am addicted to reading everyone else's experiences to try and prepare. xx
Well, I haven't started yet, my meeting is in about 45 mins so I am trying to prepare myself for the first morsel of food! I was rather foolish this week and fell off the wagon and so today I haven't eaten at all in order to not weigh more this evening (my previous weigh-ins were first thing in the morning so im very aware that i will weigh more in the evening!), but now I'm starving and probably isn't a good frame of mind for the first meal but oh well, if i can get through this without binging then i reckon its a solid start! wish me luck, and i will no doubt be on here later with news of THE MEAL!!

Jess x
Hi all,

Just had my first meal...and my first dilemma! The counsellor said that I would be allowed only one protein meal a day for the first two days. Fair enough. She says that around 200g is the right size for this meal. So I get home, and I have two salmon steaks in the fridge, one for today and one for tomorrow...however the the whole packet is 200g... so I wonder...I dont want to eat both, but should i make up the difference with some cottage cheese, because I have really missed that, and if she said I should have around 200g I would be doing the sensible thing. But then I wasn't sure if I was just deluding myself in order to eat more food! In the end I decided just to have the one steak on its own, and I am feeling rather full so I'm glad. This is weird, I can't believe I'm freaking out over 100 of fish!

jess x
Well done Deeds - I certainly think that was the sensible option. See already making good adult choices. Glad you enjoyed it, can't wait till I have mine tomorrow...


...we're sinking deeper.
Most people when they start out on RTM from Abstinence actually stick to 100g of protein - for the first couple of weeks. Gradually you can increase it to 150g. And usually it's not in it's cooked state; since when it's cooked it loses alot of it's water content - hence it becomes more calorific per gram because of the loss in weight.
Try perhaps some prawns - 100g of those is a lovely amount to have, with a splash of lemon and dill!
And most importantly - listen to your stomach. Don't 'make up' for any portions that you 'should' have (Parent ego state? ;) ). If you don't want more, then don't have more. No one's standing over you with a stick to whip you to keep to strict guidelines!

Have just realised you're in Leicester! I'm just down the road in Loughborough! It's a small world...
Well done Deeds.
This is the moost challenging and crucial part of the journey in my opinion.
Good luck with RTM. xx


Playing the Angel
Well done Jess

So glad you enjoyed your first meal. Salmon is a great choice. Glad you had the smaller portion. I am still sticking to about 75 - 100g protein a day so far. I had one slightly bigger piece of salmon on 1 day (130g) and it was really too much. Could not finish it :) You have leaf and all the seasonings to look forward to yet. Whats on the menu for tomorrow?

Well today I think I am gonna stick with the salmon as it was delish. But on Saturday I reckon I'm gonna make a tuna nicoise salad with half the tuna and half the egg, that way I will have some left over for the next day. Luckily I have my OH around to hoover up the yolk. He is not going to know whats hit him when I start cooking again and a salad ends up on his plate...hehe. Today is going ok, although all I can think about at work is my lovely meal tonight! Haha, going to have a tabascoey tomato pack now I think :)

Jess x
First tastes of real food. Defintiely something I'm looking forward to. Everyone seems to enjoy theirs :D.

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