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My second time on LIGHTERLIFE


I am completley new to this forum! But I thought I would share my story...

I started LIGHTERLIFE in May 2007 and I lost 4 stones. After I lost the weight I felt amazing but I didnt do the maintanance programme and I quickly went back to my old habits!

I have done Cambridge a couple of times since and lost a stoneor two here and there for special occasions only to put the weight on again.

About 6 weeks ago I started Slimming World and I really enjoyed the diet but the results aren't quick enough... I have since put 4 and a half stones on since finishing LIGHTERLIFE at the end of July 2007 and I am desperate to lose it!

I have decide to go back to LIGHTERLIFE and I am hopefully starting next week. I am really excited! I have totally learnt my lesson and I know that this time I have to do maintanence! I am so so so worried that I will fail... I just hope I have enough will power to do this diet again, from what I have read it seems alot harder second time round...

Please message me if your in a similiar situation or if you have any advice xxx
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Releasing the goddess
I have started my first day today and am determined it will be my last time of doing this part of the LL diet. I think the key to this diet is going onto management and learning how to eat without gaining again. Speak soon x
I started back on tuesday. So far so good but i have to say that i have found it pretty hard. But i'm sure that i probably felt like this first time round. Like you i lost 4 stone a year ago but through stupidity and nievity it has gone back on. Like you i never did the maintenance part either and this was the first time i ever managed to get to a size 12 on a diet so i am gutted that it has gone back on, but i am determined that this time will be different. i'm going to do the maintenace part this time and be more realistic. I'm sure once i get to week 3 i will be fine and it will easier. I am looking forward to my first weigh in on monday though. Good luck with starting. Just remember that you did it once before so you will do it again. I look at my photo of me after i finished last time looking lovely and slim and remember how great i felt, thats what keeps me going. x
Good for you

Good luck to all of you. You are taking control and doing something positive by coming back to LL rather than just watching it all gradually piling back on.
I hope this will be the last time for all of you.
I've been maintaining for 8 months now. I'm not complacent. I hope I can keep the weight off. I do think that doing RTM is the key.


Releasing the goddess
Quick update, I am at the end of my 4th day and I hope tomorrow the hunger pangs leave me. The metalic taste is back in my mouth, so I know I am ketosis! Excellent...now need to stay this way x


Releasing the goddess
what u worried about...whether you can stay with it? x
I went back to a meeting last night. I left Lighter Life after 11 weeks because of problems at home. That was 8 weeks ago and i have put on 11lbs in that time, but the time is right to finish what i started. I'm not starting abstinance till monday as i have a big weekend full of celebrations but i really can't wait to be back in control and loosing weight again!


Releasing the goddess
Well done for deciding to go back!
I had my first weigh in tonite - 8.8 pounds. Looking forward to hearing everyone elses good news x
I did LL exactly a year ago and lost 4 stone. I would never go back to being a big girl again, I've got my life back and feel on top of the world!! Ring any bells? Well guess what, I piled it all back on too! And it made me feel ashamed and embarrassed and for the first time in my life I faced depression in a big way. I felt a complete failure. I couldn't for the life of me go back to the packs as it's not real life is it? Plus my hair fell out and one year on it's still very limp. Even though I have a stash of almost 2 weeks supply of LL I am turning my back on it and today started 'diet chef'. The food tastes great and it's much cheaper than LL. Only time will tell but one thing for sure I could not do LL again and a year ago I wouldn't have anything said negative about it. It was an expensive mistake and I feel a fool.


Releasing the goddess
good luck on diet chef, hope it works for you. x


Releasing the goddess
How is everyone getting on? Would really like to hear your ggood news x
Sorry you feel like that sammiejane.
LL did work for you if you lost 4 stone and felt as though you'd keep it off forever.
Whatever weight loss programme people choose the statisitcs are very high for putting the weight back on.
I had hair loss too, but luckily for me a multi vitamin supplement and probiotic drinks seem to have helped there.
Don't feel ashamed. You achieved it. Now you are doing something about it again.
I hope you find something that helps you maintain your weight loss. It's only changing your way of eating forever that will do it - whichever programme you choose.
Good luck.
Well tomorrow is the day! Have got everything ready and am raring to go. Am excited at the thought of loosing weight again but can't wait to be in Ketosis. Last time i didn't really suffer at all during the first few days but then my marriage was breaking down so i wasn't really thinking about it. Hope this time is just as easy, will be trying to keep myself distracted. Bring on ketosis and the fat burning!:)
I'm on lighter life for the second time and like you lasses feel gutted that i put the weight on after doing so well last time!
Ive been on it for a week and have my first weigh in tonight!!!
I wont lie - ive struggled this week and it seems harder than before, but the lovely people on this very site have kept me motivated!!
wish me luck!!
Hi everyone,
Am off to my first session tonight but started back on my packs yesterday. So far so good - hopefully the third time will be a charm for me :D
It's good to know I'm not the only one who said I'd never be fat again only to put it all back on and more :sigh: (and not only once but twice ... how daft am I ?!?!)
Feel a bit headachey at the mo, but not sure that is linked to LL.
Looking forward to trying the porridge as that wasn't around last time I did LL.
I'll let you all know how I get on (am going to a different LLC so not sure what to expect)
Let me know how you are all doing
yoyo xx
Forgot to say good luck Alex - let me know how you get on

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