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My Slimming world diary.


I’m 36, 5ft 2 and weigh a whopping 21stone 2lbs. At this point I’m the same width as my height practically 😂
Ive had enough of being tired, out of breath and achy so It’s time to get my self together.

I am disabled and autistic. My husband is recovering from a stroke he had last year and my daughter has cerebral palsy and global development delay disorder amongst other things. I’ve comfort eaten and then some but I’m only making myself unhappy. My husband is lovely and supportive so even though he is a massive fussy eater he’s doing it with me. God knows how my daughter will cope 😂.

I started slimming world yesterday (from home) and weighed in at 21stone 2. I have no end weight at this point maybe around 12-13 stone but anything at this point is a bonus 😂.
I’ll be posting the meals I remember onto this thread.

this diary is for me to look back, keep on track and be accountable but if anyone wants to say hi then that’s fine too :)

Im using my syns as a weekly allowance rather than a daily allowance. 175 per week at my current weight
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Weigh in yesterday 21.02 lbs much better than last time at 21.06.
Yesterday I ate

breakfast: my heb porridge
1 hea skimmed milk
Half a bowl of forest fruits
1 teaspoon sugar

Dinner: Small ham salad
Snack: Handful of grapes watching dr who

Tea: Left over roast beef in gravy
Sw chips
Pile of carrots, sweetcorn and peas

supper: 1x alpen bar, clementine, banana
Hea used up on cups of tea.

used 11 syns
164 remaining


breakfast: Half a bowl of summer fruits
heb porridge
1 hea skimmed milk

Dinner: Bacon medallions
Crustless kingsmill

Snack: Handful of grapes

Tea: Slimming world sweet n sour
Rice noodles
Green beans

supper: 1x alpen bar

Hea used in drinks.

syns used 11

153 remaining


Day 3

breakfast: Half bowl of Forest fruits
Heb porridge
Hea milk

dinner: Salad
Tsp Mayo

tea: Chinesechicken curry

Hea milk and cheese

snacks. Alpen bar

Syns 12 1/2

140 1/2 left


Tired tonight.
husband Is in a lot of pain and needs help to get around and my little girl has so much school work I’m just done in.
I’ve come to bed to do the shopping list in peace So winding down while he goes on the computer. Heaven.


Day 4

woke up feeling a bit better today, happy at least. Lots of homework to do with my little girl and my husband can move a bit better thankfully.

breakfast: Heb porridge
Half bowl of summer fruits
Hea Milk

dinner: Low syn sausage
Bacon medallions
Crustless kingsmill

snack: Grapes

Tea: Left over sweet n sour packed with veg
Rice noodles
Side of pineapple chunks

snack: Yogurt


Day 5
Yey we can leave the house today.
Breakfast: Usual fruit with porridge
Heb and hea

Dinner. Picked up a yogurt, clementine and an alpen protein bar whilst out.

Tea: Shared a bag of chippy chips and halves on a fish cake. Mushy peas too.

more syns than usual but I’m well within weekly allowance.

must syn Malibu for tomorrow evening.


Day 6

breakfast: Banana on the way out

Breakfast with my husband while our daughter goes to her club so treated our selves to a fry up breakfast a whopping 27 syns but I have plenty to spare thankfully.

no dinner

Tea: Syn free Fajita pastaspeed filled
Shredded lettuce
Low fat sour cream and chive

alpen bar

38.5 syns left for Malibu tonight so I’ll sign off for now. Weigh in Tomorrow.we decided our weigh day would be on Sunday’s instead so taken off a days worth of syns.


Well done for going for weight loss. Keep positive