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My son has to have an operation

Hope he is o.k.:hug99:
My son had an emergency op down there about 7 months ago, he was fine just sore for about a week x


Loves Norman Reedus
the thing is, that i'm annoyed about is that we have been to the doctors a few times and each time they have said, "dont worry about it, it will sort itself out as he gets older." well hello he is now 9 and it hasnt sorted itself out so he will probably need to have the snip now.
Ouch !!! Poor babe !!!!
my son had surgery in his bits when he was 4, my husband when he was 14, both were fine if not a bit sore afterwards xx
the snip at 9 seems a bit drastic are you sure thats what they intend to do
{ thats if you are using the term the snip in the way that i am am lol}
i am sure he will be fine but as a mum you can't help but worry can you xxxx


Loves Norman Reedus
It will either be circumcision or they will make the hole bigger as thats the real problem he cannot (sorry) move the skin. It is heritary as hubby had a problem, one of my nephews had to be circumcised and my two year old nephew had the hole in the wrong place and it had to be moved, ouch.

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