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My son


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My son has been having excruciating tummy pains. since wed and after a fair few visits to out of hours he was taken to hospital yesterday and we stayed over he was sent home today and has now been rushed back up to hospital as he was lying on the kitchen floor practically screaming the house down. I stayed with him last night and his Dad is staying with him tonight.

I have never felt so useless in my life they have given him pain killers and nothing is working. Poor wee sole. I just him back to himself!

Give a wee thought for him tonight!
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No hes not constipated, his bowls are moving fine and he has about 6 urine test and they are all clear. Its not his appendix as the scan didn't show anything up there. It might be an infection in his tummy lining but they cant be sure. I just wish he wasnt sore :( hes only 5!!


nearly there!! :)
hope things get sorted soon hunni xxxx
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Aw sorry to hear this, hope he gets better soon, keep us all posted hun
So sorry Em

It's always so horrible for little people, they don't understand why you can't just make it better for them.
I don't mean this to sound heartless,but is this a situation the previously would have made you want to to eat?
Sometimes when we feel helpless it can be a trigger. How will you be with your OH and your little man in hospital tonight.
Good luck with everything.
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aww so sorry to hear this Em,

Am sending best wishes and hopes your way for your little one - hope they find out what's wrong very soon so they can get him all better! xx
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Ah, poor little duff, and how upsetting and worrying for you. :(

<<<gentle family size hugs for all>>>

Please let us know what develops, how he is, and that you are doing OK too. I know it must be so stressful and worrying for you. But we are all here if you need a shoulder.

I hope he is better today.



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Thanks everyone! My OH stayed at the hospital with him last night so i am waiting for the Drs to do the rounds and then he will call me. I'm sure he will be on the mend soon its just very hard being his mum and not being able to do anything to stop his pain! Feel very useless. I also felt quite bad leaving him at the hospital with his Dad but we have another son who is nealry 3 and he needs me too. I have to take my hat of to the parents and carers of seriously ill children they must be the braviest people ever.

On a lighter life note I havent manged all my water just with all the running about and waiting for drs etc but I am glad to report I have NOT turned to food. When I stayed in the hospital I had my blender with me, however I did miss 1 pack. When I came home last night all I wanted to do was relax and it went through my mind if I should order takeaway and just relax but instaed I had veg soup followed by hot choc. Where I would have just ate and ate to get though all this im finding strength for other places, food doesnt fix things!


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poor little thing, hope he feels better soon x
Hope your son will get better soon hun (hug).

And I hope that docs will find out what was wrong with him.

I have a one year old and it is hearbreaking when they get ill.

Thinking of you and your family hun,


nearly there!! :)
just want to say a biiiiggg well done for not reaching for food, that in itself is a biiiiiiiggggg break through!!
hope ye hear some good news xxx
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Ditto that!!! Pat yourself on the back Mrs - thats a tough emotionally charged situation and you nailed it. Well DONE!

The thing is with life - life will always drop us in a puddle of mud. So, we would feel dejected - and food would comfort.

But what happens next - once you feel better after THAT particular puddle - is another puddle is waiting foryou just around the corner.

There will always be another puddle. So food is definately not the answer.

Good on ya girl!! XX
Any news yet?

Hi Em
I hope no news is good news. We're all waiting for an update on your son when you have the time to post.
SB xx

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