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My SS Diary

I am on day 3 of SS and after 2 days of being tired and hungry I actually feel a bit more energetic today, so much so that I cleaned the house from top to bottom and did some gardening (or maybe that was to take my mind of the hunger), either way I am sat in a lovely tidy lounge writing this.
I am beginning to think that I can actually do this!!:D
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Good luck hun it's true it gets better im on day 3 today feel better than day 2.

And yes of course you can do it hun.! I dashed out of bed down stairs today and the scales have actually moved.! x
Got weighed this morning and have lost 6lb so have been buzzin all day. But tonight OH and DS are having pizza and X-Factor without a glass of wine just isn't the same so am feeling sorry for myself now. Never mind tomorrow is another day!
Well done on your 6lbs, brilliant! Keep thinking about that if you feel tempted and roll on week 2!

Thanks Porgeous, I have about the same amount of weight to lose as you did, and I must say your before and after pics have just made me more determined to remain strong....Thanks
Pauline xx
Feel awful this morning, hardly slept last night, just couldn't settle. Got up at half 5 cos my stomach was killing me, it's eased off now but I feel drained, hope I feel better tomorrow cos I have 4 mindees from 7.30-6.00
Im on day 3 too, i was only rough on friday, been really good over the weekend, i feel fine!!! just struggling to drink all my water, i can tell when ive not drank enough!!!

Ive sneekily weighed my self today and my scales show a loss of .... 13lb in just a few days, i need to hide them or i will turn in to an obsessie compulsive weigher!!! and my official WI is not till friday
I get on the scales everyday probably shouldn't though. I feel better now due to a siesta this afternoon while the family went to Whitby, I declined cos they were getting fish n chips from my fave chippy, so stayed home alone and had a kip. Just taking 1 day at a time as I don't have my WI till 1st Sept. Well done for survivng the weekend specialk, keep it up
Day 6 on Cambridge Diet (in big brother voice), and boy am I pleased tody is over, 5 kids stuck inside cos British Summertime can't be arsed to be decent, it's enough to drive you to the biscuit tin.
Don't worry though cos even if I had gone to the BT there was nowt in it cos I never bought any last shop (good plan)
Hunger hasn't been too bad today and the kids kept my mind off it, early night tonight though cos I feel a craving coming on (dry roasted nuts) so byee everyone.
Day 7 and I am unable to poo..........oh no!! Atrip to the chemist is in order. What I put myself through in the name of vanity *shakes head in disbelief*
Hope everyone is well and not bunged up lol
Hi Pauline

I am on day 9 and around day 4 I had bad back and tummy pains,then had TOTM a week early which I believe is because I am doing CDss,have read several posts stating the same problem.As for the constipation keep drinking the water and lots of it really does help.Just wish it helped with the dry mouth and horrible taste thats always there lol
Well done also to making it past week 1

Natalie xx
Cheers Natalie, I am on medication that stops my TOTM cos it was causing me too much hassle, so I can't blame that. I have been drinking at least 4 pints of water so I might try to up that intake a bit.
Does anyone else feel really tired, I am on day 9 and still want to sleep for 12 hours or more, if I go to bed any earlier my family will be thinking I am anti social lol
Anyway at least I feel slimmer, when I put my jeans on this morning I didn't need to undo the button and zip, and have had to put a safety pin in to keep them up.......yay hay:bliss:
Thanks Gemzy, I'm not sure about inspiring though, all I seem to do is moan about stuff. I'm craving food tonight and would die for a glass of wine but will have to make do with water again 'sigh':sigh:
The weekend is here, the most difficult part of the week and to make it worse it's Bank Hol. 1 day at a time me thinks. At least the constipation has gone so my tummy isn't as painful. I have my 1st WI on Tuesday so at last I will be able to post a weight loss (hopefully)
Hope everyone is well and has a good weekend:flowers:
Everyone is going to the pub this afternoon, so I am staying at home on my billy cos I can't trust myself not to cheat. Feeling very P'd off today (day 12):cry:
:wow:Yay I am mega proud of myself, I went to the pub after much cajoling and drank soda water, I was tempted to have a pint of cider but I didn't * go me, go me*. OMG I am in control of my cravings for the first time in years and it feels good.:happy096:

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