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My thoughts of the day ....

I was thinking about the transformation in myself over the last 6 months and particularly this last month.

I can't remember ever feeling this good about myself, I feel confident, happy and ready to face anything life throws my way (so hopefully it's good ;)). I went shopping yesterday morning and whereas normally it would be no make up, face down, baggy jacket to hide everything and generally not looking particularly nice (at least that's what I felt/thought). Yesterday, I put on make up, wore boots and a nice pair of fitted jeans & jumper. I think I looked great and I felt sexy, confident and walked with my head held high. I even noticed a couple of men eyeing me up (or at least I think they where!). Although I'm normally in a hurry to scurry home, yesterday I lingered and enjoyed being out, about and being seen.

To those of you that are having wobbles through abstinence, second thoughts or generally feeling a bit frumpy. Stick with it, LL is without doubt the best thing that has happened to me in my life and although I have no doubt I'll have wobbles in the future - looking in the mirror reminds me how good it feels being slim :)
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Wow Mel - fantastic

Well done you. I'm sure the men were looking at you.Isn't it wonderful to get your self-confidence back?
Be proud of what you've achieved, never forget that feeling.
I've even been known to stop and have a coffee by myself if I'm out shopping nowadays. Never considered it before.
Enjoy. Congratulations xxx
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Hiya Mel,
Great post - it reminds me again why I am doing this. Shopping recently has been a chore and when I went looking for some holiday clothes a few months ago I just bought whatever baggy tops would go with my black linen pants :sigh:
I can't wait to feel like you do - I've even got the skinny jeans & boots lurking in my wardrobe from 2 years ago when I was down to goal :doh:
On the plus side my 10 year old daughter (who is perfectly gorgeous & slim) gets some great clothes because even if I'm looking for something for me, I end up buying things for her - LOL
Thanks for reminding me why this is sooo important to me
love yoyo


I will do this!
brilliant post, thanks mel. Day 1 for me and you have given me a great start. Well done you, I'm looking forward to feeling that way too!
i know exactly what you mean. i make more of an effort now as i feel i'm worth it - daft as i havn't changed inside, but just feel so much better.
i always enjoyed shopping and love having coffee on my own - just love it more now - and i can have the odd treat with my black coffee these days and not feel everyone is looking at me thinking 'look at that greedy cow, no wonder she is fat!'

i wore my 13 year olds skinny jeans out to lunch yesterday tucked in long boots - ( i didn't tell her they were her jeans tho she would have killed me, lol!)

its the little things that make it so fantastic!
daisy x


Playing the Angel
Hear, hear Mel, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world. I have never felt this good about myself. I have this big inner grin that just wont stop. So glad you enjoyed your wonderful shopping experience and be so proud of yourself for what you have achieved.



Happy in my own skin
All good points Mel, well done for inspiring the new start people.

I'm loving wearing a size 10 mini skirt...apparently mini's are for the forty year olds if Jennifer Anniston is anything to go by, so if it's good enough for her then it's good enough for me...wooohoo!

Hahahaha Daisy, loved the fat greedy cow comment, how true that we think that all the time even if we were eating something healthy.
Thanks everyone and if it helps keep someone else on track, then all the better. Still feeling good :D

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