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My treat when I get to goal is...


A little of everything!
getting my teeth whitened!! I've looked into a local clinic that does it and its £239- a lot I know, but I'm putting a bit away each week and have some savings so it'll be my treat to myself. :D:D:D
They've always been 'dull', and I'll need it after weeks & weeks of drinking black tea, and no amount of brushing seems to help!
My hubby has already promised me highlights!
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A little of everything!
LOL! Thats very energetic!! Unless I start working on my upper body strength now I'd never be able to do that- no matter what I weighed!!


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I've already picked out my Gina Shoes that I'm going to treat myself with :D


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And I've booked my pedicure in preparation for trying on said shoes :D


A little of everything!
Teeth whitening is a good call actually I may look into that. My OH has promised me a shopping trip on him but I hadnt thought of what I could buy myself. Gonna get thinking now. Good thread :D


I will be skinny again!!!
awww that would be brill!! Id love that!!
Teeth whitening sounds a brill idea. I saw some people getting in done in Lakeside for £99.00. I spoil myself practically every week now! This LT might put be into debt!!! (3 handbags, 2 pair of shoes, 2 dresses, 2 jackets.......!!!)
I don't know what my treat is going to be.

I'm just astounded at my weight loss so far. It's the first diet that's worked. It's proved to me that I do have willpower and can do something when I really want to do it. For that alone, I'm chuffed.

Here's hoping I have the same willpower when I can "eat" again !


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I hope I have enough money to treat myself once LT is over and done with hehe :p
teeth whitening's a great idea :)

My major treat is learning to ski. But as time goes on there are many more treats being added to the list which may or may not come to fruition (shopping weekend in New York may have to wait, for example!) and i'm coming up with milestone treats along the way too.

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