ProPoints Going it alone.....2015 is the year i get to my goal weight


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Hi everyone
This must be my 10th diary but hopefully my last. A bit about myself my name is Charlene i am 33 I live in Ireland with my hubby n 2 boys ages 4 and 3. Both my boys have autism they are mainly affected by minimal speech my 3 year old has no speech yet. Due to this I've been struggling over the past 2 years with my weight eating my way through all the rough patches. In 2009 I lost 3.5 stone and felt great between pregnancies I put on 1.5 stone. I used to attend my local class but it's full of little gangs and they whisper and some of them snigger making me feel uncomfortable so instead of wasting my money and just going and weighing in I've decided to do this alone well with the help of my supportive hubby and minimins. The only worry I have is I can give up very easily as I have done over the last few years but I'm keeping in mind summer is approaching and I want be able wear light clothes instead of big clothes to cover all the flab! I intend to report on here every evening updating my food for the day. My weigh in day is going to be a Saturday and I'll also be eating freely on Saturdays for few weeks to see how it goes
Thanks for reading
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Hi Charlene,

shame your local meeting isn't very welcoming, you'd have thought the leader would have picked up on that. Anyway, hopefully you'll get plenty of support on here, I'm doing my best to keep posting. Even if I don't get many replies on my thread I like to write it all down, makes me accountable for what I'm doing.

good luck!


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Thanks Hon, that's my plan to write what I eat up on this and hopefully that will keep me focused. If only we could eat what we wanted and not put a pound on :rolleyes:


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yesterdays food was ok think I delved well into my weeklies ill say about 29 to be on safe side.

Day 2 on plan Monday 2nd February

Alpen Light 2pp

Low Cal cuppa soup 1pp

Ham and cheese toasted sandwich 8pp

Sausages 6pp
Potatoes 300g 6pp
beans 3pp

ww bar 2pp

28/28 dailies used
will update later if anything else should fall into my mouth :)


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I used to eat Alpen everyday when I was living in Ireland! It's delicious :)
Now I am eating croissants everyday -_-
Best wishes with your diet!


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S: 125kg C: 86kg G: 80kg BMI: 32.4 Loss: 39kg(31.2%)
Also, let me add that you look great the way you are. Even if you don't loose a single pound, you should use the light clothes that you want.