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My week 1 weigh in (unofficial)

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When I did LL I did a home and an official weigh in. Now my CDC doesn't weigh me so I have to weigh myself.

But I'd do both so you can see a trend. My reasoning is that I can control the circumstances for my own morning weigh in so it is constant - same time, everyweek, first thing, same water intake same clothes (or lack of :D).

If when you get weighed at CDCs you may have differences each week! If things are "bad" at your CDCs and you've done well at home, you know it won't be anything other than those circumstances xxx
oooh, good thinking batwoman.

Will let you know how i go tomorrow xxxx


Wants to be a loser!
I am the same as westiegirl ;). I always weigh at home on a saturday morning as that is the day I started and being a nerd I wanted a record of my losses for each week I have been on CD and I don't always see my counsellor the same day every week.

Good luck for tomorrow Leah xx
I only weigh at home too. So I do it at the same time each week, same clothes etc. I've never even met my CDC unfortunately! I will do one day though :) Shame I live so far away from her. it would be about a 6hr round tip to go for my weigh in, which would be verging on crazy to go each week :crazy:
Mochaj, where are you from then? how come there isnt a local one? or have you chosen your CDC for other reasons??
Cor, i'm a nosy little git xxx
Oh Leah I agree, what a good idea to weigh at home and at the CDC place, then you can see if there are differences. I popped on my scales this morning and am pleasantly surprised but must wait til Sunday for my official weigh in (or would it be Monday if I started on a Sunday) never quite get that? Mochaj yes why don't you see your CDC and I thought in the UK you had to meet up. My CDC is you lot here. Well Friday and I have friends coming tonight, have to be extra strong but I know that I may indulge in some veggies without the dip. My heart is in this but I am not going to lose friends and my social life because of it. A carrot or bit of cucumber is not going to undo all this good work and anyway eventually I will have to eat (75lbs away though).
I started on sat so my WI will be tomorrow i figure?!

instead of having veggie snack perhaps make some crisps out of the soup packs? Check the recipies sticky above??
They are quite nice really, just a thought xxx


i love minimins me :)

yea leah ur weigh in wud be tomorrow :)

well i always get weighed on the same day that i started on, but i do weigh myself at home too, and there is a 2lb difference between our scales that am aware of

i am gonna weigh myself on sun (i started on wed) to keep me motivated this week

I started on sat so my WI will be tomorrow i figure?!

instead of having veggie snack perhaps make some crisps out of the soup packs? Check the recipies sticky above??
They are quite nice really, just a thought xxx
Yes they are but they have to be nuked. I make them then put them on my microwave griddle for another 30-40 seconds. This makes them crinkle cut. I have to put loads of chilli flakes in though. This way I know I am getting my nutrients but wonder if all the nuking damages what is in the sachet. Good luck today everyone.


Wants to be a loser!
My cdc has advised me to only cook/have hot one sachet per day as the heat does somewhat diminish the nutritional value in the pack.

I never did master the art of muffins and crisps described on the sticky thread :sigh:.

SS and a social life can be tricky to balance but it is only a problem if you let it be. I have been doing CD for just over 5 months now (SS 4mths 790 1mth) and have managed not to let my social life suffer at the hand of my diet and vice versa. I have drawn the line at accompanying my friends to restaurants up until very recently ;) but we go to the cinema, out for coffee and have nights in around each others houses. There is something strangely empowering about spending a night with a room full of doritos without having any and working through a big bottle of sparkling mineral water and my yummy cranberry bar instead :) safe in the knowledge that I have been "cooking fat" while having fun for the whole evening.

If you do feel that you cannot maintain a social life without eating from time to time try to stick to the foods/amounts you are allowed on the aam/790plan as they are unlikely to knock you out of ketosis - stay away from the carrots as being a root vegetable they a relatively rich in carbs. Just a word of warning though, once you start allowing yourself to nibble while on SS, even if it is just a little bit, it can be very hard to go back to SSing 100%.

OK I have rambled on enough here. I am lunching with my girlies today, they have picked a lovely restaurant and have told me that they serve my favorite...............Mmmmmmm sparkling water in a tall glass with lots and lots of ice.... and a straw :D

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