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My Weekly Weigh In First with AAM

Hello Everyone,

I have had my :scale:weigh in today and i have lost 3lbs.:party0049:

I am so :) pleased i have lost as this week was also with aam.

I thought i would have stayed the same or put on a few pound.

I have really enjoyed the :eat: meals to, i was so full up at the end of each day,

I did :hmm: think this morning to stay with 810 every week now but i have changed my mind and are starting back on ss in the morning.:fingerscrossed:

40lbs gone in just 13 weeks :0clapper:i have never lost so much weight this is defernatly working for me. :fingerscrossed:

I hope everyone else is havin a good week as well.:clap:

well here's to tomorrow back on ss see if the next weeks :scale: weigh in is as good.

Bye for now

maria x x :wavey::wavey::wavey::wavey::wavey::wavey:
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It's good to know that you can eat and still lose. Gives me hope for my AAM week.
Well done, were doing AAMW starting tomorrow....have you got any tips or receipes????


Is determined this time..
That is great to hear ...well done u :) say u r so chuffed with that ..mmmm lucky u gettn to eat :)


Is determined this time..
good question tracey i will b checking it out 2 c what she recommends ;) XX
Receipes for my AAM Week

Hi tracey & Pisces Receipes i used are:

Cottage Cheese Bake:
250g of smooth cottage cheese with garlic & hurbs
1tbs of broccli
1tbs of cauliflower
1tbs of cabbage
6 button mushrooms (small size)
6 leaves of mint
6 strands of chives
Chop up the cabbage, mint, chives & mix together
cut the steams of the broccoli, cauliflower and cut in to a teaspoon size cut the mushrooms into 4 & add to the cabbage etc
put all into a oven dish and pour over the top the cottage cheese & top with a few mushrooms on top. place in the oven at 160 for 20
3mins. drain off any water when spooning on to a plate and enjoy!!!
can add black ground pepper to taste.

Chicken Lobby.
175g chicken breast without skin
1tbs of broccoli
1tbs of cauliflower
1tbs of cabbage
6 button mushrooms (small size)
6 leaves of mint, chive,
i teaspoon of bouillon in half a pint of hot water
black pepper

Cut the chicken up into small cubes and brown in a frying pan useing water not oil (it will not stick to the pan)
place into a cassarole dish.
add all veg in small size peices
add the bouillon (from daliy allowance)
cover and cook in the oven on 150 for an hour.
serve in a dish and add black pepper to taste.

Cod Baked in milk.

275g of white cod
skimmed milk to cover fish
1 tbs of cabbage
1 tbs of cauliflower
1 tbs of broccoli
6 leaves of mint
6 leaves of parsley
6 slices of chives
put the fish into a oven dish and cover with milk(from daily allowance) cut up and sprinkly on parsley and chives add black pepper to top.
bake in the oven on 150 for 20-30 mins
put all veg in a steamer and steam for about 20 mins or boil in a pan put all veg on a warm plate and place fish in the middle spoon on some of the milk, yum yum!!!

tuna and cottage cheese salad

130g of tuna in spring water
160g of reduced fat plain cottage cheese
3tbs of mixed green salad leaves
10 thin slices of cucumber
6 mushrooms
6 mint leaves,
6 strands of chives

drain of the water of the tuna put into a mixing bowl and add all cottage cheese add mint & chives thinly chopped mix altogether,
place salad on a plate and put the mixed tuna cottage cheese in the middle, place cucumber round the edge and place half a sliced mushroom between each cucumber put rest of the mushrooms in the middle, easy peesy!!!! no cooking.

Hope these help you they did me

good luck
maria x x
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