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my Weekly weighing

Hello every1:sigh:
hope ur all well. ( sorry to bore you with my thread but its mainly just for myself >>>>so that I will stick to it and reflect on it every night)

Intention: I'm going to try my very best to lose all the weight that I need to lose, for the very first time.

Rationale: Because i've failed alot with diets in the past I intend to do it the proper (i.e healthy) way this time. No starving or hours in the gym, and then giving up. I'm thinking of doing it this way > see below. (slow way of losing weight but i guess I've learned from my experience that slow is best :)).

Spongebobs Plan
starting weight: 86 Kg (BMI 31)

1st week: Healthy eating only

2nd week: Healthy eating only​

3rd week: Reduce calories by 500 + walk home up the Hill from Uni (30 min)

4th week: same as wk 3​

5th week: same as wk 3​

6th week: same as wk 3

7th week: same as wk 3

(Lots of exams + assignment deadlines in the next 4 weeks so might affect diet/plan) :sigh:

6th week: Atkins diet (1500 cal)

7th week: Atkins diet (1500 cal)

8th week: Atkins diet (1000 cal) + Walking

9th week: Atkins diet (1000 cal)+ Walking

I'm doing it this way because if I reduce my calories immidiately or try to do alot of exercise immidiately like i used to do in the past whenever starting a diet, my body'll get used to it and AS USUAL I WILL NOT PASS LOWER THAN 78 KG, as that's where my most weightloss always stops and the scale will never move for a whole week!
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Good luck on your journey, you just have to stay focused and you will get there.
Aw thanks very much! I will indeed need to be focused but that's generally the problem with me. I'm a very impatient dieter and like to lose all the weight in a matter of days and that's just not realistic! Thanks for the support :)

On to my first weighing then. bit nervous as its the first time I've done it properly. I will be devastated if i've not lost much. enough with the talking,

YES!!!! I can't see if the scale says 83 or 83.5. so i'll go with 83.5 to prevent overestimating. This is fantastic that means I lost 2 kilos. that is 4 lbs. quite happy with with that :)

QUESTION: After losing how many Kg or lbs does one SEE or FEEL a difference in their body?

right my weigh in this week has been totally disastrous. I am back at square 1.

I am now 85.5

Last weigh in I had lost 2.5 kg

I have now gained it all back :sigh::rolleyes:

No time for regret. I am back on track and hoping to LOSE a great amount this week!

mind you i am hillwalking this week so might actually lose less because of MUSCLE WEIGHT GAIN.

here we go then :eek: