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  1. vodevil

    vodevil =)

    Only started monday but todays my only day off to go to boots and use their weigh machine to weigh myself and oh wow I lost one pound better than nothing and I suppose it's a start but I'm still a bit dissapointed as I thought I could feel that I'd lost more, although my body fat has gone from 48% to 43% i dont know if thats good or not??
    i dont even know how the machine measures my fat i tried to find someone in there to ask but it was far too busy, anyone know how?

    I guess it's because I havent really exercised or been as strict as I should but next week I hope for better results!
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  3. Barb

    Barb Gold Member

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    A lb is way better than nothing! If you had put on a lb you'd be fed up, so celebrate that you've lost one!

    Well done!
  4. vodevil

    vodevil =)

    I am pleased about it just thought it would have been more but next week i'll be trying harder to make it more than that one lb :cool:
  5. xkawaiix

    xkawaiix Full Member

    good luck ^^ I know exactly how you feel, especially as I am aiming to loose about 2 stones- I think its harder to loose weight initially if your goal weight it less.
    Until I did some "proper" research I was expecting to loose like 5lb a week, because thats what all those weird and wacky diet plan/pill programs say online.
    Now I have kind of accepted that if I can loose 1lb a week that in 6-7 months I will be the kind of size I want to be, and thats better than never being slim and just putting on more weight.
  6. vodevil

    vodevil =)

    very true 1 lb a week would eventually get me to how I want to be but If i mix in some exercise i'm sure I could make that double or even triple some weeks which would me me go :eek:
  7. Rayven

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    Well done on the lb loss hun. You also have to remember that when you start to lose weight your body tries to compensate for the fact by holding onto extra water - so you may be losing inches but the scales may not register a loss yet.
  8. xkawaiix

    xkawaiix Full Member

    thats why I will not be weighing myself until i have gone a month. i think that way i will be more motivated to continue and results are less likely be be related to water loss.
  9. totty

    totty Personal Trainer

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    My own
    the slower the better hun.....dont stress ....whats the have the rest of your life ;)

    and the scales measure your body fat by passing a tiny negliable current through the shortest route (ie up your leg..across your hips and down your other leg) ..muscle has a different impedance than fat, so that way they are able to calculate it.

    but for true results you should use a hand held fat meter and take the average between the two.
  10. Georgiestar

    Georgiestar Silver Member

    I've not heard of a fat meter!

    well done for your weight loss, im sure that 1IB will be more sooner or later but anyway its still a loss! just keep going :)
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