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My weight lose journey!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Roxy101, 16 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone i thought i would start recording how i am doing during my weight lose through slimming world and exercise :) So abit about me first, i had my baby 9 months ago and im sure any mummys on this know what i mean when i say i have a 'apron', a saggy tummy. :cry:Well anyways i am so determined to lose weight this time! and by this time i mean i have been to slimming world before around september time for 4 weeks in which i lost 3 and a 1/2 pounds but gained a pound, all down to me misbehaving when it came to chocolate! So i left thinking i cant do it...

    (Extra Easy Plan)

    So now i am back to lose weight. Joined slimming world again and bought a gym membership, i started back last week 7/1/14 weighing in at 15st 1/2lbs. All week i ate healthy, walked and went to the gym once for an hour!

    14/1/14 - First weigh in day! Lost 2 pounds exactly! :) happy, but hoped for a little more...
    Body magic - 3 hour 35 minutes

    Next weigh in date is 21/1/14, so i am going to start writing about what i am eating everyday, starting today -

    I know this isnt alot today but it is only 4.00pm and im not overly hungry...

    Free foods - 1 muller light yoghurt(vanilla sprinkled with chocolate)

    Superfree foods- Grapes, 1 banana

    healthy extra (a) -

    healthy extra (b) - 1 peanut hi-fi bar

    Syns- 2 hi-fi light bars (chocolate caramel and rocky road) 6 syns, 1 muller light lemon cheesecake 1 syn

    thanks for reading!! :flirt2:
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  3. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member

    Free foods - 1 muller light yoghurt(vanilla sprinkled with chocolate), 1 muller light yoghurt (strawberry), boiled egg, rice, spices

    Superfree foods- Grapes, 1 banana, chopped tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms

    healthy extra (a) -

    healthy extra (b) - 1 peanut hi-fi bar

    Syns- 2 hi-fi light bars (chocolate caramel and rocky road) 6 syns, 1 muller light lemon cheesecake 1 syn, 1 poppadom 2.5 syns, 2 slices of wholemeal bread 400g 6 syns, butter 1.5 syns

    Thats my food intake today done!!!

    my syns = 16, over by one syn but i miss counted them before i ate my last syn... oops

  4. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member

    Another day in a world of a slimming world's member fight against the fat!!!


    Well last night i did end up having my healthy extra (a) 4 dairylea triangles with a baked potato as a midnight snack, was absolutely starving was so tempted to go for the biscuit tin :break_diet: but guess what? i never, thank goodness...

    todays food diary :)

    Free foods - mince, worchestershire sauce

    Superfree foods- Grapes, apples, grapes, onions, garlic, lettuce, tomatoes

    healthy extra (a) - 30g cheddar cheese

    healthy extra (b) - 1 wholemeal roll

    Syns- 1 chocolate hi-fi light bar 6 syns, 1 muller light lemon cheesecake 1 syn, 1 wholemeal roll 6 syns and a solero exotic ice cream lolly 5 syns

    my syns = 18, over by 3 syns but i couldn't resist a little treat after dinner
    :( other half keeps leading me astray!

    My dinner tonight was the classic american burger from the 'extra easy cookbook' its was absolutely amazinnnng! couldn't recommend it any more, would definitely have it over a Mcdonalds any day, RESULT!!!!

    Just hoping going over my syns limit will not make me have a gain this week, so worried, need to get focused!!

    Anyone else find it hard when there partners etc are eating junk food in front of you all the time??

  5. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member

    First of all i had such a bad day yesterday including alcohol, chocolate and Gregg's! i just couldn't help myself :( feel so so guilty but i have now got alll the cravings out of my system and WILL BE back on plan today!!!! :D

    I know i probably should not be writing a food diary on here as im not doing to great but its just to show everyone has good and bad days, everyones not going to be able to have a perfect day everyday.

    Food Diary for the 18/1/14

    Free foods - mince, worchestershire sauce, tabasco sauce and spices

    Superfree foods- Grapes, apples, grapes, onions, garlic, lettuce, tomatoes

    healthy extra (a) - 30g cheddar cheese

    healthy extra (b) - 1 wholemeal roll

    Syns- 1 budweiser 6 syns, 2 glasses of rose wine 250ml each 18 syns!, 2 greggs sausage rolls at 16 syns each 32 SYNS, and the rest.....

    my syns = i dont have a clue :( :( :(
    I seriously didnt realise that rosy wine was sooo high in syns! rather devastated haha

    My dinner was the classic american burger again! but with a twist, it had chilli flakes and cayenne chilli powder in them, quite spices but really nice. Just used left overs from previous night :)

    Just hoping i will not have a gain this week, so worried.

    My action plan today is to stay exactly on plan, go on the wii fit for at least 1 hour then tomorrow go to the gym for at least 1 hour as well. Tuesday is weigh in day where i live.. so heres hoping i do alright!!

  6. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member

    p.s does anyone know if i can change the title of this thread as i have just noticed the spelling mistake of 'lose' instead of 'loss' ? thank you
  7. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member

    Hi all, yesterday was a much better day food wise :) i also went on the wii fit for 35 minutes in hope to help with the day before's overload of rubbish haha

    Food Diary for the 19/1/14

    Free foods - mince, spices, pasta

    Superfree foods- Grapes, apples, grapes, onions, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, leeks, chilli, chopped tomatoes, broccoli

    healthy extra (a) - 30g cheddar cheese

    healthy extra (b) - 1 chocolate hi-fi bar

    Syns- 1 solero exotic 5 syns, 2 hi fi light bars 6 syns

    my syns = 11 syns!!
    :D much better..

    i Love the fact that solero exotics are 5 syns they are my fave! :p

    Dinner was the penne with rich beef and tomato ragu, it was okay but wish i never put the ground cinnamon in it which it does say to do, such a strong taste :(

    Lunch was a mug of homemade soup, yummmmy


    Meant to be going to the gym today at some point but really not in the mood as received some bad news.. but going to try for 30 minutes on the wii fit as my goal today.
    Last edited: 20 January 2014
  8. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member

    Hello :)

    Food Diary for the 20/1/14

    Free foods - mince, spices, pasta, SW chips, eggs

    Superfree foods- Grapes, apples, grapes, onions, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, leeks, chilli, chopped tomatoes, broccoli, beans, basil

    healthy extra (a) - NONE

    healthy extra (b) - 1 peanut hi-fi bar

    Syns- 3 hi fi light bars 9 syns, i larger hi-fi bar 6 syns

    my syns = 15 syns!!
    :D need to maybe cut out some syns...

    Lasts nights dinner leftovers the penne with rich beef and tomato ragu was for lunch

    Dinner was eggs, beans and SW chips, was so good!! yumm

    I also made homemade tomato soup, i got the recipe of one of the threads on here but changed it to what i had in the house:

    2 tins chopped tomatoes
    1 tin of beans
    1 onion
    i tsp of basil
    1 tsp of garlic
    125 ml of beef stock

    Was really nice, even my better half says it was one of the best things i have made and thats saying something.. haha

    Today is weigh in day for me at 7.30pm :( absolutely dreading it to be honest!

  9. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Well-Known Member

    Hi hun, I'm subscribing to your diary :)
    Well done on losing 2lb last week and good luck with your weigh in tonight.x
  10. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member

    Hey thank you!:) Lost 1.5lbs which im so happy with considering everything i had on saturday! woo! x

    Food Diary for the 21/1/14

    Free foods - mince

    Superfree foods- Grapes, apples, onions, green beans

    healthy extra (a) - 30g cheddar cheese

    healthy extra (b) - 2 hi-fi bars

    Syns- 1 mullerlight lemon cheesecake 1 syn, half of a lasagne kit which i can not remember the brand was 15 syns

    my syns = 16 syns!!
    :cry: again i go over, need some self control lol

    Never ate properly yesterday as i was so worried about gaining, so just had a few snacks, then lasagne as a treat! which was just taking up space in the cupboard haha

  11. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Well-Known Member

    Well done hun 1.5lbs is great :) x
  12. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, how did you get on this week? :)

    Food Diary for the 22/1/14

    Free foods - smash, pasta, spices

    Superfree foods- Grapes, apples, onions, pesatta, mushrooms

    healthy extra (a) - 4 dairylea light triangles

    healthy extra (b) - NONE

    Syns- 1 mullerlight lemon cheesecake 1 syn, milky way 5 syns, 28g of marzipan 5 1/2 syns

    my syns = 11.5 syns!! yaay

    Not been to the gym since last wednesday! keep putting it off, as i currently have found out i have a hernia and gallstones which are due to be removed/fixed. So really scared to go more than once a week at the moment, even although im paying for it monthly as a membership
    :sigh: my aim was for 3 times a week but health comes first...
    Shall try pluck up the courage to go tomorrow!!

  13. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Well-Known Member

    I lost 2lb on Monday, I was hoping for a bit more because I know the next 2 weekends are going to be hard diet wise but I will just have to be good now, so that I don't put any back on and stay on target.
    I don't blame you not wanting to go to the gym, if I were you I'd get the hernia and gallstones sorted first and not worry about the gym.x
  14. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member

    well done you! im sure it will be fine, just stay on plan the rest of the time, well thats what i tell myself haha. Just realllly dont want to gain, last time i was at SW i lost the exact same as i have now within the first two weeks then started gaining third week onwards so just a little bitty worried x
  15. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Well-Known Member

    I really hope so but we will see.
    Don't be worried, hopefully this time it will be better. Did you do something wrong last time. Maybe didn't stick to it 100%. Stick with it and I'm sure you will be fine :) x
  16. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member

    Hey, dont think i did stick to it that well! found it really hard x
    Not updated this for daaays, been so busy this week with college work etc..

    so i will start with the 23/01/14 (Thurs)

    Free foods - Mince, eggs, SW Chips

    Superfree foods- Grapes, apples, onions, potatoes, green beans, carrots, beans

    healthy extra (a) - 50ml semi-skimmed milk

    healthy extra (b) - NONE

    Syns- 1 crunch white chocolate bar 8.5 syns, butter 1.5 syns

    my syns = 10 syn!!
    :D done good this day!
    Dinner was mince and potatoes with green beans, was lovely! oh and lunch was chips, eggs and beans - the thing about this is that it tastes as though it should have loaaads of syns lol

    Food Diary for the 24/1/14 (friday)

    Free foods - Mullerlight yoghurt, turkey, baked potato, mince

    Superfree foods- onions, garlic, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce

    healthy extra (a) - 40g light cheese

    healthy extra (b) - 2 slices of wholemeal bread 400g

    Syns- butter 1.5 syns, coleslaw 7.5 syns, solero exotic 5 syns, 2 small wholemeal rolls 7 syns

    my syns = 21 syns
    :wave_cry: my excuse is that i was out for lunch!
    For dinner had burgers again, obviously homemade!

    Food diary for the 25/1/14 (sat)
    well i am not going to write a proper one for yesterday as most was syns as i am making saturday my eat rubbish day, but when counting calories of everything i havent went that much overboard...

    free foods was pasta..
    healthy extra (a) was 150ml semi-skimmed milk

    Now on to the syns :break_diet:
    -Jalapeno and cheese loaf (half) 10 syns
    -Twirl 8 syns
    -glass of rosy wine 9 syns
    -2 muller light greek style yoghurts 1 syn
    -cheddar sauce packet 4 syns
    -butter 3 syns

    Total 40 syns!!!!
    so many :(

    On the plus side i discover the greek style yoghurt which are really good especially the lemon and at half a syn each its worth it!

    Will update my diary for today, tomorrow as i am not done eating yet haha
    Was on the wii fit for 25 mins today, which is something i suppose, going to try brave the gym for an hour tomorrow hopefully.

  17. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member


  18. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member

    Never realised i could add pictures, above is my yummy eggs beans and SW chips and my homemade american cheese burgers :) will continue to upload more in the future x
  19. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member

    Helloo everyone :D well i don't have my food diary for yesterday or today as it has been given to my consultant so will not be writing it today! cant even remember what i have had haha! My weigh in was at 7.30 tonight and i LOST 3.5lbs!!!! happy me, i got my half stone award and i also got slimmer of the week, i was so shocked! :) Also been told that next week i will receive my bronze award for body magic! hope everyone else has a great week x
  20. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member

    Well i have completely deserted this thread for a while... so much things going on :sigh: But i have decided i will NEED to start writing my diary again, i have completely abandoned writing anything down for about a week now and not even writing down my body magic which probably = a gain in my next class! i just feel as though i can't do it and i dont know why but i can feel myself giving up this so i really need to get myself back on track!!! As for going to the gym and going on the wii fit i keep on giving myself stupid excuses why i shouldn't like too busy, tired ect. Just needed to get this out there.. :break_diet:
  21. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Well-Known Member

    Good morning hun,
    It's nice to see you back.
    Stick with it hun and you will get the results. Make sure you write it all down though, I find that more important than anything else, it's great for keeping motivated.x

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