My weight loss and maintenance diet.


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Hi everyone, I've just finished TFR on LT. It's great to make it over to maintenance. I've just finished day 2. today I've had Breakfast - vanilla shake, lunch, 100g chicken, and salad, (2 x radishes, 5 slives of cucumber,gerkins x 4 (small) 4 x baby tomatoes, I had the same for dinner, and i'm feeling bloated or as if I've over eaten. is this normal? or maybe i've eaten too much.. thanks
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irish molly

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Well done on your loss to date. Now the tough part starts once you start eating again!! Make sure to follow the refeed very carefully. Be very careful about the portion sizes. The bloated feelng is normal. Your tummy has to get used to processing normal food again so your system will be a little sluggish and take longer to digest the food. Keep up your water intake as well as this will help keep your system moving.


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Welcome to Maintenance!!

Molly is right, your poor body has some adjusting to do, given time it'll be fine.

Well done on your loss so far, well on track for you target :D xx


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Well done on finishing LT, and welcome to Maintenance.

Your body will soon get used to eating food again and the bloatedness will subside - enjoy it while it lasts, you will soon be back to feeling normal when eating.


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Well done for your loss so far and welcome to the best part of this forum ;) hehe

The other ladies have already said, its just your body adjusting to food again. If you keep eye to portion sizes for your first few weeks you should be fine :) x


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Welcome Marie.....I have to say that's it's taken me a good couple of months to be able to eat a full meal.....but I think that's a good thing:D I personally hate the feeling of being stuffed full of food so actually leave stuff on my plate these days or even don't put it on in the first place.......whatever works for you.

Digestion wise, good news......tummy works perfectly again every single day:D I can almost tell the time by it:eek:


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Welcome Marie - and congrats! It's good here, realistic support and no lectures for occasional 'bad'ness'