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ProPoints My Weight Loss Diary

Been doing it a little while on and off but started actually counting points properly on Monday :)

Weighed in today at : 152.4 lb

Monday 13/06/11

Coffee x2 sugars : 2pp
Can of Relentless : 6pp

Lunch : 1/3 tin Sardines in veg oil on Warburtons Toastie bread (toast) : 6pp
Mango: 0pp

Dinner: WW fish pie : 5pp
Mixed veg (small amount of sweetcorn in it) : 1pp

Snacks: x2 Coffees: 4pp
Curly Wurly :3pp
Jam on toast : 9pp

Gym: Earned 2pp

Total: 29pp + 2 bonus - 38 eaten = -7pp
42 weeklies left.

Hadnt been shopping so had to make use of what was about...and only tracking what I am actually eating this week, rather than following points plan.
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Tuesday 14/06/11

Breakfast: Coffee x2 sugars :2pp
Redbull: 3pp

Lunch: Sardines (again) on Warburtons Danish white- 1 slice : 5pp altogether.
Fruit salad : 0pp

Dinner: WW curry : 8pp
Half a plain naan : 6pp

Snacks : x2 Redbulls :6pp :-O
Curly Wurly : 3pp

Gym : Earned 4pp

Total : 29pp + 4 bonus - 33 pp eaten = 0pp even

Weeklies :42 left

Tooo much caffiene I know :-(
Wednesday 15/06/2011

Breakfast : Redbull : 3pp

Lunch: Low fat pnut butter x2 servings : 4pp
Warburtons Danish white x2 slices : 4pp

Dinner: Small tin of spagetti hoops : 3pp
Toast Warburtons Danish x2 slices with tiny amount of low fat butter : 6pp
x3 Coop mini doughnuts @ 2pp each : 6pp
curly wurly : 3pp

Zumba : 2pp earned (Might be more but cant tell exactly as didnt have heart rate monitor)

Total : 29pp + 2pp bonus - 30pp eaten = +1pp

Weeklies left : 42pp

Still havent been shopping as broke...so just eating what I had indoors.
Wednesday 15/06/11

Breakfast: Redbull : 3pp

Lunch : Lowfat pnut butter x2 servings : 4pp
Warburtons Danish White bread x2 slices : 4pp

Dinner: Small tin of spagetti hoops :3pp
Toast with small amount of low fat butter (Warburtons danish) : 6pp

Snacks: x3 Co-op mini choc ring doughnuts @ 2pp each :6pp
Coffee 1 sugar : 1pp
Curly Wurly : 3pp

Zumba : 2pp (Could be more had to guesstimate)

Total : 29 + 2 bonus pp - 30 eaten = +1pp

Weeklies : 42pp
Thursday 16/06/2011

Breakfast : x2 Redbulls :-O

Lunch : Chicken kebab from sainsburys : 6pp

Dinner : 250g Jacket potato : 5pp
Mayo : 1pp
Prawns : 2pp
Salad : 0pp

Snacks : Kp choc dip :5pp
Mango :0pp
Fruit salad : 0pp
Kellogs marshmellow square x2 : 6pp
Curly Wurly : 3pp

Gym : 2 bonus pp earned

Total : 34pp

Weeklies left : 39pp


Can't wait to have 1 chin
Sounds like you're doing well !

How many dailies are you on hun ?
Friday 17/06/2011

Breakfast : 40g Shreddies and semi skimmed milk : 5pp

Lunch: Hovis Nimble brown bread x2 slices : 3pp
Prawns in Hellmans lightest mayo : 2pp
Salad stuff : 0pp
Blueberries : 0pp
Walkers Steak and Onion crisp : 4pp

Dinner: 250g jacket potato : 5pp
Butter : 1pp
Prawns in Hellmans Lightest Mayo :2pp
Salad : 0pp

Snacks : Diet redbull : 0pp
Coffee 0 sugar : 0pp
Marshmellow square x 3 : 9pp

0 bonus points

Total : 31pp

Weeklies left : 37pp
Hi, Im just trying to catch up with posting them up as Im a new user it will only let me do a certain amount a day I think :-/

Im on 29pp a day but I eat all my bonus points and some of my weeklies too :)

Its been quite a bad week as didnt go shopping! But weighed in today and lost 2.4 lb so cant all be bad :))


Can't wait to have 1 chin
Its better than a gain, well done !

I'm terriefied of my weeklies going down to 29, god knows how i'll cope !i'm on 31 at the mo so not forever away
Saturday ... a bad day :-/


Breakfast : diet redbull :0pp
8 cadburys choc fingers : 6pp
Walkers steak and onion crisps : 10 pp

Lunch : N/A Went clothes shoppping

Dinner : Chicken kebab and salad : 12pp
Chips : 14 pp
Diet coke : 0pp
Burger sauce : 4pp

0 bonus pp earned but did trawl the shopping centre looking for clothes for hrs!!

Total: 40pp eaten

Weeklies left : 28pp
Yep thats what I would like to lose weekly as I only have 18lb more to lose. So at that rate shouldnt take too long lol.

I cant stick to 29pp a day, Ive tried, so I just eat my bonus points or chuck in a couple of weeklies a day. When I did it before last year, I wouldnt touch my bonus or weeklies and I just ended up crashing and binging :-/ So this time gonna make sure I get enough!!


Can't wait to have 1 chin
You're as bad as me for having snacks for breakfast ! Have a nosey at my food diary
Sunday 19/06/2011

Breakfast : Diet redbull :0pp

Lunch : Heinz spagetti hoops snap pot : 3pp
WW wholemeal bread : 3pp
Butter : 2pp

Dinner : x2 WW sausages : 3pp
WW wholemeal bread : 3pp
Butter : 2pp
Ketchup : 1pp

Snacks : WW crisps : 2pp
WW carrot cake slice : 2pp
Diet redbull: 0pp
Diet pepsi : 0pp

Total : 21 pp

Weeklies : 28pp


Can't wait to have 1 chin
look in the weight watchers diary bit in the drop down box where it says all diets. its called little romanys food diary
Opps looks like I started my food diary in the wrong place!!

Gosh you are doing soo well!! 5lb!! And it seems like you're eating basically what you like!

Well done :)


Can't wait to have 1 chin
Thanks hun! follow the other girls who post in there too, they have some brilliant ideas :)
Gosh, my post didnt reply to you yesterday?!

I said for your first week you've done amazing!! And its seems like you are just eating normally and not on a diet at all lol

Well done :)
New Week
Monday 20/06/2011

Weighed in LOST 2.4lb!! Yay

Breakfast : Coffee x1 sugar : 1pp
Diet redbull

Lunch : WW whole meal bread x2 : 3pp
Heinz spagetti hoops snap pot : 3pp
Butter x 2 : 2pp
WW crisps : 2pp

Dinner : WW salmon and broccoli wedge bake : 8pp
green beans : 0pp

Snacks : Blueberries : 0pp
Cherries : 0pp
Walls mini twister ice lolly : 1pp :))
WW carrot cake slice 2pp

Gym: 2 bonus pp earned

Total : 29pp + 2 bonus pp - 24 pp eaten = + 7pp

Weeklies left : 49pp

I had a Weight Watchers ready meal for dinner... its tiny portions but for some reason I wasnt hungey all evening...and thats the worst time of day for me!
Looks like a great days food wise Ninjapro and well done on the great weightloss . You are well on yur way. I often find the "better" I eat the less "rubbish" I crave . Keep having your healthy carbs (wholemeal bread) and protein with each meal (def lunch and dinner) and you will find you are not as hungry :D

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