Step2 810kcal My weight loss journey into a better me! (This time im being completely honest)

Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by KaraAlicia, 3 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. KaraAlicia

    KaraAlicia Feeling Positive

    Hey all,

    I'm restarting my journey (I am hoping for the last time) at 16st 6lbs (230lbs). Hands up I'm addicted to food, more so the ones I don't cook and get delivered to my door. I have a lot of special occasions coming up the biggest my wedding next year, that I would like to be thinner for and feel confident enough to have my pictures taken.

    So yesterday was my official day one and I can tell you I had a little wobble but making sure today is not a repeat.

    I had the maple and pecan porridge for breakfast, Oriental Soup (sooo yum!!) for Lunch & Spinach and Chicken curry for dinner. At this point I had forgotten my last product and ended up with a carb binge mess :sigh: by 6pm!!

    Decided today to leave my 1st product till lunch time and hoping spacing my products and meal will be more realistic. All good so far now I've had my morning coffee. Looked through yesterday and wrangled out my triggers and now know where I need to work on.

    Need to lose another 10lbs to be able to attempt SS/SS+ and my youngest childrens christening is on 13th July I would like to look less puffy around my waist and my face then.

    Got a long journey ahead and hoping me being honest with myself and documenting as much of it as possible I will reach my targets and enjoy a healthier and much more fulfilled life.

    Heres to the second day of the rest of my brand new life!! :D
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  3. KaraAlicia

    KaraAlicia Feeling Positive

    Anyone know how I can add pictures?? xx
  4. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    Hi hun.x thats not bad for a 1st day hun, well done and good luck with day 2.xx
  5. slimming4summer

    slimming4summer Full Member

    i am doing step 2 first week here day 5
    i have been away with work all week so i think the weekend will be the hardest so i need to plan some good family meals that i can adapt for me:
    chicken salad
    cod amd veg
    weigh in today but only for 5 days
    drinking masses of water amd feeling good
    have been better than i thought buy got the weekend to get through !!!
  6. KaraAlicia

    KaraAlicia Feeling Positive

    Thanks for replys everyone :)

    Would of been back sooner but with sunshine outside my lovely kiddies have been playing in the paddling pool.

    I'm pleased to report I'm still going officially day 5 today :D so pleased as I'm normally packed it in by now. Will admit there were times I nearly did but my darling hubby to be kept me going. Worked my water intake to 3ltrs, managed to drink all of that yesterday for first time :bliss:I know its nothing really but massive thing for me. I also stuck to it completely yesterday too, I didnt even get tempted making kid or H2b dinner so I'm slowly but surely getting there.

    Still aiming to drink 4.5ltrs today and stick to it again for my first weigh in on Tuesday, fingers crossed I' ve managed to get out of the 16st bracket :)

    How did your weekend go slimming4summer?

  7. Pops78

    Pops78 Full Member

    Hello. I'm on day 2 of step 2, day 1 was hard all I thought about was what I could eat at dinner time!!

    please support me, I live alone and have branded myself a secret eater but hoping this will stop.

    Good luck everyone xx
  8. slimming4summer

    slimming4summer Full Member

    hi there weekend going ok but did go off track yesterday as the porridge was grim so i stuck to a no carb food day instead !
    back on it today!!
  9. KaraAlicia

    KaraAlicia Feeling Positive

    Hello Pops78!!

    I know the feeling I really struggled but Im day 5 and feel awesome. I had little wobbles days 1-3 and then thought to myself why am I continuing to eat that rubbish when the only thing I gained from eating it was weight!

    How you feeling so far?

  10. KaraAlicia

    KaraAlicia Feeling Positive

    Yeah i'm still unsure on porridges lol. Some of the shakes seem a little too much for me but LOVE the soups! I always add a little herbs or spices to make it different so it doesn't get predictable lol.

    I'm waiting till week two so I can try these yummy bars everyone talks about, be nice to have one with my coffee :D
  11. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    Well done hun, im on day6 so weigh in tomorrow ive had a 100% SS week so fingers crossed.xx. good luck for tuesday.xx
  12. Pops78

    Pops78 Full Member

    So far ok, back to work tomorrow that will be the test!! Thought starting at the weekend would have been easier, I'm not sure!!! Eating my food out of a small bowl instead of a plate has made me realise how much I are before. As nan use to say "little pickers wear big knickers!!! Lol xx
  13. Pops78

    Pops78 Full Member

    Good luck with weigh in tomorrow x
  14. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

  15. KaraAlicia

    KaraAlicia Feeling Positive

    So the dreaded weigh in looms loool.

    I had a sneaky peak last night & took some new pictures but will update tomorrow when its official :D!!!!

    Keep going guys & good luck on your weigh ins :D

  16. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    good luck for tomorrow.xx
  17. KaraAlicia

    KaraAlicia Feeling Positive

    You too :) xx
  18. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    thanks.xx i lost 8lb im thrilled.xx
  19. KaraAlicia

    KaraAlicia Feeling Positive

    i lost 7lbs!!!!!!!! :bliss:
  20. KaraAlicia

    KaraAlicia Feeling Positive

    AWWWW well done!!!!!! :D xx
  21. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    Fantastic well done, just the motivation we need for week2.xx just do the same this week as you did last .lol

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